Eating An Organic Diet On A Budget

Organic food is a bit of a contentious subject, some people maintain that it’s far healthier for you while others will tell you that it’s just a big marketing ploy and you’re just paying over the odds for food that isn’t really much different. The price is the main thing that puts people off buying organic because people have a bit of a skewed perception of it.

It’s true that a lot of organic foods are more expensive than their normal alternatives but eating an organic diet doesn’t always have to be more expensive. If you want to eat a completely organic diet but you’re put off by the price, here’s how you can do it on a budget.

Eating An Organic Diet On A Budget

Choose Your Luxuries

People often end up spending way more on an organic diet because they simply replace everything they normally eat with organic alternatives. The thing is, there are quite a lot of organic products that aren’t any more expensive. You need to cut out most of the organic products that are very expensive and just pick a few things that you are willing to spend a little more on. Buying things like organic cheese is way cheaper than buying organic meats so if you swap out the luxury of meat for cheaper products like cheese and vegetables you can massively cut your grocery bill while buying organic.

Reduce Waste

This is a good tip for anybody that wants to cut their grocery bill but it’s especially important for people on an organic diet. The average amount of food that people throw away each year is around £470 each year but that number goes up if you’re talking about organic food. Without all of the additives on their, the shelf life of organic food tends to be shorter. That means you’re more likely to throw stuff away because it’s gone off. The way around this is to just do more shopping trips during the week and buy less each time. You should also be labelling stuff so you know when you’ve bought it and always use older produce each time. You’d be surprised just how much less you’re spending.

Avoid Supermarkets

One of the big reasons that people think that organic food costs way more money is because it does, if you go to a supermarket. They know that people who eat organic food aren’t likely to compromise so they’ll be willing to pay more. The supermarkets ramp up the prices and everybody thinks organic food is always really expensive. But if you go into smaller stores and farmers markets, you can get all that organic food for the same price or even cheaper. It’s worth going around the supermarket and noting down the prices then comparing them with smaller independent places. In most cases, you’ll find that organic food isn’t actually that expensive.

There is still a lot of debate about whether organic food makes you healthier or not and a lot of people don’t want to pay more money for food that isn’t giving them any benefits. However, eating an organic diet doesn’t have to be expensive so there’s no reason not to.Eating An Organic Diet On A Budget

Do you guys usually buy organic produce? Or do you tend to opt for the cheaper alternatives?
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