Being Healthy is Beautiful

Today we are talking about the notion of beauty. What is beauty? How can it be defined? It’s not a simple thing to describe, because beauty is largely subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, and this is true. We all are beautiful in our own unique way, and it is everything about our personalities which makes us who we are.

We want to introduce the idea today that being healthy is beautiful. You don’t need tonnes of make-up, fancy clothes are even plastic surgery to look and feel your most beautiful. Natural beauty is the best kind, which is why looking after your body and staying healthy can be a great way to make your smile whiter, your skin glow, and your hair silky smooth. Let’s find out what you can do to look after your body and make yourself feel your best beauty, naturally.

Being Healthy is Beautiful

Your Smile

One of our biggest features is our smile. A smile can take over our whole face, and is the first thing many will notice about us when they meet us for the first time. If you ever feel insecure about your smile; maybe you feel your teeth just aren’t white enough, or maybe your smile isn’t as straight as you would like. Either way, good oral health can set your smile apart from the rest. Here are a couple of natural ways to whiten your teeth and keep them healthy:

Banana – Take a banana skin and rub the inside on your teeth for 10 minutes. Let it sit and then rinse it off. Do this a few times a week if you can and your teeth will be whiter in no time.

Strawberry – Strawberries are a great tool to neutralise acid in the mouth and whiten your teeth. Mix a ripe strawberry with a tsp bicarbonate of soda and water, and use it as a paste a few times a week.

You can find some more teeth whitening remedies here: 

Your Mind

A huge part of our health which many of us take for granted is our mind. Mental health is something which is incredibly important for us to maintain, because if we don’t, it can end up with you sinking into anxious and depressed feelings and thoughts.

One great way to make time for your mental health is meditation. Meditation is a tool use by many successful people all over the world to reset the mind before a hectic day. The point of meditating is to clear your mind of any busy thoughts, bring your attention deeper inwards and pay attention to your body. It might take a bit of getting used to, but it is a proven way to lower stress and make you healthier. By reducing your stress levels and becoming happier, you’ll smile brighter and in turn feel more beautiful.

Your Body

Your body is the most important part of staying healthy and beautiful. They key to having great skin, silky hair and a toned figure is to watch what you put inside your body. The way we eat is the largest contributing factor to our health and how we look. This is why eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein, vegetables and fresh fruit is so crucial.

The habits we take on during our lifetimes can also affect our health and appearance in a negative way. With the culture we have in this day and age with spending hours behind a desk each week, it’s no wonder that the average weight is on the rise year on year. The key is to have regular intervals where you stand up and walk around. This movement will keep our heart rate up and muscles strong. There are of course other bad habits we pick up throughout the years which are even more damaging to our health, such as binge drinking and smoking. Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals and carcinogens which can be fatal if we consume too much of. If you can’t quit smoking all together, you can try alternatives such as at E cigarettes are much better because they don’t contain all of the toxic chemicals, but will still curb your nicotine cravings.

Your Skin

The skin is the canvas on which we place our makeup and make ourselves feel much more confident. However, there’s no point spending hundreds on the latest foundation products if your skin is full of texture and breakouts. It makes more sense to spend money on our skincare, because this is the face we wear naturally, and looking after our skin can make a huge difference to our appearance and overall confidence.

Do you guys agree that being healthy is beautiful?
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