8 DIY Gift Ideas for the New Year’s Celebration

Gifts have been a symbol of love, warmth and affection for ages. Whether it’s something small and sweet or insanely large and lavish, gifts hold a special place in our hearts and homes. 

But no matter how much time and money you spend on finding and buying a ready-made gift from the store, nothing beats the charm and sentimental value of a personally hand-made gift. Its shows your deep affection for the other person, mixed with an amalgamation of your shared memories, experiences and personalities. 

And what better time to work on some awesome handmade, DIY gifts for your friends than the vacations leading up to the New Year’s celebration. 

But coming up with the perfect custom gift for your bestie might not be as easy as it sounds. Which is why, we have rounded up some of our favourite DIY gift ideas to help you get going. 

Homemade Candle

01. Scented Candle

Scented candles are a great way to freshen up not just your house but your mood too. So dig deep and figure out a scent that reminds you and your friend of each other. Then mix a little bit of that scented oil in with your wax and Voila!

But even if you can’t make this at home, get one from the store and pair it with a heartfelt note from your side. Your friend will definitely cherish this gesture.

Wall Hanging

02. Wall Hanging

Wall hangings always add a colorful and creative energy to the room. But a handmade wall-hanging or framed art will add a personal touch to the space as well. For this purpose, either paint something yourself but if that’s not your forte, another wonderful idea is Acrylic Pouring. Acrylic-pouring wall hangings make for a creative and fun gift. You can even plan an activity together with your friends around acrylic pouring. We’re pretty sure it’ll turn into a memorable day for everyone. If you want to know more about acrylic pouring, click here for details.

Homemade Trinket Dish

03. Colourful Item-holders

If your friend keeps losing his/her keys or rings every other day, an item-holder would be a very useful gift. So get some wooden, clay or china dishes from the store or bake clay bowls by yourself at home and get to painting or marbling them however you or your friend likes. It’ll be a sweet and subtle reminder of your presence in their life always.

Memory Book

04. Memory Book

One of the most personal and cherished gifts you can give someone are your memories together. So get searching to find any funny, memorable pictures or notes of yours and paste them into a photo album or memory book to document your friendship beautifully.

Using Photoshop

05. Favorite Series/Movie/F.R.I.E.N.D.S Collage

If you and your friend love watching a series or movie together, then find some common points between your lives and the movie and create a fun, maybe a bit photoshopped, pictures collage to show your mutual love for it.

Homemade Dessert

06. Homemade Desserts

If you’re having a friends’ party at the New Year’s Eve, the best thing to bring along would be a dessert. Cupcakes, cakes, pies, pastries – the options are endless, tremendously sweet, and mouth-watering. So make something that would have your friends licking their fingers off and blessing you for the treat.

Cute Little Puppy

07. Something for the Pets

If your friend loves and owns pets, create a custom pet-food holder or sew some fancy pet clothes. This would surely put you at the top of their wonderfully thoughtful friends list.

Woman Using A Sewing Machine

08. Hand-Embroidered Clothing

If you know embroidery, you’re blessed because now you can embroider awesome patterns or quotes on any clothing or bedding stuff and make gifts that your friends can take anywhere with them.

In the end, it’s all about the thought that you put in someone’s gift and just a little bit of effort goes a long way in strengthening your bond and friendship. So wish you a happy and thoughtful holiday season!

8 DIY Gift Ideas for the New Year's Celebration

Do you guys ever make DIY gifts for your friends and family?
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