Why Second-Hand Cars can be Great for your Family

Any decent parent would want the best car possible to protect their family. Whether they think they’re a better drive or stronger candidates for the MOT test, many people shopping for a family sized vehicle would elect to go with a freshly made motor. It’s an understandable logic, as what’s new seems shinier and much more reliable. 

Of course, this isn’t always the case. The term second-hand isn’t interchangeable with shoddy or lousy. This is something that many car manufacturers understand completely, and companies such as AA ensure their second-hand vehicles can compete with the younger models on the car driving scene. Here’s why they’re just as good for your family as any other car.

Why Second-Hand Cars can be Great for your Family

History Checks 

No smart company would dare sell a ‘problem car’ at all. They’d be legally liable for any crashes and accidents that would occur after any sale of such a vehicle. What’s more, they would also face legal action for purposefully fluffing all the paperwork to pass it off as a working vehicle. Put simply, companies just can’t get away with selling anything that wouldn’t pass a MOT test. 

Therefore, you can trust the second-hand nature of the vehicle in terms of its quality. If you’re getting a discounted price, it doesn’t mean the car will blow up on you any second; it can simply mean you’re in for an absolute bargain. They’re also screened if they’re stolen, imported or have even be repainted. Ultimately, this kind of in-depth analysis is done with the buyer in mind, meaning you can purchase second hand vehicles with the upmost confidence.

Signed when Certain 

Jumping off the history checks point, it’s important to remember that no one is forcing you to buy anything. While sales folk from different companies can be pushy and irate, you don’t have to purchase anything until you’re completely certain that you’re getting what you paid for. Remember, you’re the customer, and thus you have the power! 

You can check the used cars you’re viewing yourself, and most dealers will let you take a hands-on approach to assess that everything works with a test drive. Test the tyres and suspension yourself and get to grips with what you could be buying. A thorough approach will mean you’re not in for any shocks or surprises later down the line, and practical experience should be enough to dismay any ‘second-hand stigmas’ you might be concerned about.

Saving Money 

A lot of people assume that cheaper means poorer, both in quality and prospects. This kind of ignorance means a lot of decent deals go ignored, and great opportunities aren’t utilised. It’s a shame, a crippling one at that, but with a bit of research and know-how, that dreaded car purchase that will blow a whole in your bank account won’t be quite so impactful. 

When you go rooting deeper for better deals, then you get into serious money saving territory. For example, you can take up car financing, essentially taking a car loan to pay off the car slowly over time. Furthermore, you can double up on your money saving methods, choosing second-hand vehicles that use smaller engines and that are driven manual instead of automatic. Also, electric cars are cheaper than petrol or diesel, so look out for those too!

What sort of car do you guys usually go for? New or second hand?
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  1. 06/07/2018 / 9:48 am

    Second hand cars are really great because there are also cars that are just 2 to 3 years and owners already sell them. My advice, consider buying a second hand car if its the first your first car and if you are a bit tight on budget.
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