Dazzle and Declutter: Home Overhaul on a Budget

You sit back in your comfy, albeit slightly worn sofa each evening and ponder about fixing up your home a little bit. You don’t have the cash for a complete makeover, but you’re looking for a change. Maybe you’re hosting a party in your abode and you want to spruce it up a little for your friends. Perhaps you want to create a new office space where you can catch up on work whilst you’re at home. Whatever the reason, I promise it can be done with minimal fuss and money. Pick whatever method works for you and give your home the touch of glamour it deserves.

Dazzle and Declutter: Home Overhaul on a Budget

Sell, sell, sell

You need to start by having a decluttering session in your home. Start with your wardrobes and then work outwards to the bigger things. You don’t need to throw anything away and waste it, try and sell it on online and you’ll make a little bit of cash to spend on your new furnishings. If you have large items that you want to get rid of consider using Shiply as your courier service of choice. They will offer you a competitive price and will transport your items safely to the buyer. Once you have cleared out your unwanted bits and bobs you will be ready to start transforming your home from shabby to chic.

Turn the old into new

You are not alone if you start getting bored of items of furniture that are scattered around your home. You own an armchair which has had its fair share of wear and tear. It isn’t really in a fit state to sell, so consider revamping it with a funky throw. Pick a colour which will pop out and make it a feature of the room. Add a patterned co-ordinating cushion and you’ll have yourself a brand spanking new chair, which looks unique and fabulous.

You don’t need to settle for keeping the same old bed sheets in your bedroom. The style you choose for your bedding and curtains can say a lot about your room. If they’re lacking in style then you’re bedroom is probably exuding a drab and dreary feel. Throw out your old sheets and completely transform your boudoir, buy investing in some good quality cotton sheets. Keep the style simple so that you can match your décor flawlessly and you’ll feel like your master room has undergone a complete luxurious revolution.

Don’t refurbish, rearrange!

Consider changing around the furniture in each of your rooms. Maybe you could move your kitchen table into another room to create a comfortable desk for you to work in. Try and make the most out of smaller spaces by utilising every small alcove in each room. Have a little play with your items and you might just find the perfect little home for a previously lost piece of furniture! 

Dazzle and Declutter: Home Overhaul on a Budget

Add a touch of class and a sprinkle of glamour to your home by changing it up now. Refresh each room for the New Year and you won’t even need to spend a fortune!

Do you have any other tips for revamping your home on a budget?
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