Comfort & Cosiness: Key Components For Winter

The leaves have turned that beautiful burnt orange shade and fallen off the trees, the days are getting much shorter and the nights are drawing in, which means that it is safe to say that winter is well and truly on the way. While the cold weather itself may not be all that enjoyable, what is enjoyable is the cosiness and comfort that comes with winter. There is nothing more relaxing than settling down in front of a log fire with a glass of mulled cider or a bowl of soup, after being out in the cold all day.

The fact is that there is nothing nicer than stepping into your home from the cold outdoors and feeling instant comfort and cosiness that your home offers. With that in mind, the question is, how can you ensure that your home is as comfortable and cosy as possible this winter, and what does it take to create a home that has a wonderfully welcoming and relaxing look and feel to it? Is it all in the decor and layout or is there more to it than that?

For everything that you need to know to create a home that is not only comfortable and cosy, but also relaxing and stylish, read on.

Comfort & Cosiness: Key Components For Winter

Start with your decor

The first step to giving your home a comfort and cosiness boost ready for the onset of the colder weather is overhauling the decor. The fact is that how your home is laid out, and how you accessorize the space, can have a huge impact on how cosy and comfortable it feels. For a cosy feel, warm-hued walls are a must; steer clear of white and instead opt for cream instead. Other colours that tend to work well include tones like pink, yellow, orange, brown and red, as well as grey and navy – there’s something about darker colours that add a sense of cosiness when team with the right furniture and accessories. When it comes to choosing how to layout your rooms, don’t want to overfill them or make them too cluttered. Cosiness isn’t about clutter; it’s about carefully laying out your home to create a warm and welcoming space.

Indulge the senses

The next step that you should take to ensure that your home looks and feels as welcoming and cosy as possible is to indulge the sense. Obviously, when it comes to creating a home that feels warm, it needs to actually be warm. How can you achieve this? Simply by ensuring that your home is adequately heated via radiators or underfloor heating, or a combination of both. If your central heating system is old or outdated, now could be the ideal time to have it replaced. Or, if your radiators aren’t working correctly before it gets cold it could be worth using resources like to decide whether the time has come to replace them or not. I also recommend having a heated towel rail installed in your bathroom. Not only will it keep the room cosy and warm while you take a bath or shower, but it will ensure you have warm, fluffy towels to wrap yourself in afterwards too. As well as having a central heating system in place, perhaps you could indulge the senses further with a log fire? No room for a log fire? How about an electric fire instead – these still give off a little bit of heat but are mainly useful for creating a cosier feel.

A big part of our senses when it comes to cosiness is down to smell. If you walk into a room and can smell festive scents, such as cinnamon, orange, and mulled spices, you instantly feel cosy and content. That’s why having scented candles, wax melters, or reed diffusers situated around your home can be an ideal way to add an extra sense of cosiness and comfort to your home this winter.

Comfort & Cosiness: Key Components For Winter

Invest in soft furnishings

A simple yet effective way to ensure that your home is as cosy and comfortable as possible this winter is to incorporate plenty of soft furnishings within it. To create a more relaxed vibe, adding soft touches to benches and stalls, such as faux fur throws and cushions, for instance, can work well. Adding rugs to hard floors, such as wood and stone floors, can also work well to help create a cosier look and feel to the place. It’s amazing how easily adding a rug to a room with a hard floor can instantly add an extra sense of cosiness.

Sometimes, how cosy a place feels is down to the textiles used within it – there are certain materials that create a cosier look and feel. Materials such as wool, velvet, faux fur, and suede are all ideal for creating a sense of cosiness. Patterned materials also tend to work well.

Incorporate warm lighting

When it comes to creating a cosy and warm atmosphere in your home, lighting can be the key to success. By implementing the right lighting sources within your home, you can create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Usually, yellow-hued lighting tends to work best, as a pose to white, sterile lighting. If possible, install a dimmer switch or invest in Hive lighting, so that you can dim the lights to create a cosy glow. You could also opt to layer the lighting by incorporating various sources of light, from overhead lights and lamps to fairy lights and candles.

Decorate for the season

To add a sense of autumnal/winter glamour, don’t be afraid to dress the space for the season. Think pretty fairy lights that feature snowflakes or autumn leaves, festive scented candles, wall art with a festive look and feel to it, and anything else that will bring the season into your home. Sometimes, decorating for the season itself can help to make your home look and feel more welcoming, so it’s something that is worth taking the time to do, if you like celebrating the seasons, that is. For seasonal decoration ideas, resources like can be useful.

There you have it, everything that you need to know to transform your home into the epitome of comfort and cosiness this winter. Creating a space that is not only warm and cosy but also welcoming is much easier than you would think, it’s just a case of getting a few simple design principles right, that’s all.

Do you have any other ideas for making your home comfortable and cosy in winter?
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