Inside the Beauty Industry : The Odd Careers

The beauty industry is supported by all of those keen on cosmetics, perfumes, as well as on hair, skin and nail care. Most of us already know the regular jobs and careers that exist within the beauty industry due to simple trips to the salon. Calling our hair stylist, manicurist, or waxer is nothing out of the ordinary. Similar to many industries, however, there are some odd, below-the-surface careers out there. Let’s explore some of those unusual careers – ones that most people do not know exist.

Inside the Beauty Industry : The Odd Careers

1. Permanent Makeup Tattoo Artist
Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is definitely a new trend. A most common example of such a service would be eyebrow tattoos. Clients may come in asking to have their eyebrows tattooed so that they don’t have to worry about whether or not, on any given day, their eyebrows look enough alike after ten minutes of trying to make them look perfect.

Permanent makeup and cosmetic tattooing is being offered in many salons. The greater your expertise is, the greater your client base will be. Many forums have seen conversations of people looking for a permanent makeup tattoo artist that can provide the most natural looking eyebrows with hair-like strokes and subtle but present eye make-up.

2. Special Effects Makeup Artist
Have you ever cringed seeing an especially gruesome and gory scene on television? You can thank a special effects makeup artist for that. Using beauty products and makeup don’t always mean that the result will be aesthetically pleasing. In this case, it means using the right products, in the right way to recreate wounds and burns.

Since this job combines elements of both beauty and entertainment industry, landing it can be slightly trickier. However, thanks to online tools like Jobrapido you can easily find all the special effects makeup artist jobs available anywhere in the UK, including nearby cities like Derby.

3. Face Feeler
After a product-tester tries out a new product, a trained face feeler comes in for an opinion on the product. Face feelers have to undergo a specific training so that their opinions are always objective.

4. Hair Artist
Hair continues to play a more significant role in fashion. A hair artist may be called because an extreme and unique style is needed for a fashion show or if a work of art is requested for a hair show.

5. Bikini Wax Designer
Waxing is already an extremely popular service, so it is only natural that cosmetologists and clients are seeing it as another opportunity for bringing in more creativity.

6. Manicurist on the Go
With busy schedules and the same demand for polished nails, manicurists today are often quite mobile. Clients are able to receive the same service by trained professionals within the comfort of their own homes.

7. Dog Manicurist
Interested in being a mobile manicurist? Maybe consider offering services for dogs as well. Some clients are keen on having a matching mani-pedi with their pups and are willing to pay good money for it.

If you are interested in working in the beauty industry, but are not sure where to start, there are of course the common options. If, on the other hand, you want to mix things up a little and release your creativity in a different way, or maybe even start your own business, these unusual career options may be just the way to do it!

Have you ever fancied an ‘odd’ career inside the beauty industry?
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