Winter Lawn Care: Tips For Keeping Your Garden Inviting Even When It’s Freezing

You might normally write off your garden when winter rolls around, which is completely understandable – it’s freezing! 

However, winter lawn care and giving your garden some TLC is still important. As well as making sure your lawn is in as good health as it can be in freezing temperatures, there are a number of ways to keep your garden looking inviting in winter. 

There are so many ‘winter wonderland’ themed events dotted around the country nowadays, why not try and create your own? You can get all the family involved with garden decorating, crafts and more.

Winter bird shelter

Winter Lawn Care 

It might not seem like a priority but there are certain ways that you can look after the health of your lawn even when it’s frozen or covered in a thick layer of snow. 

The main piece of advice is to keep off it as much as you can. This might be easier said than done when you’ve got kids that are desperate to play in the snow. So it’s best just to stick to it as much as you can, without being a Christmas party pooper! 

If you’d prefer to leave the winter lawn care jobs to the professionals, Greensleeves can help. They offer a huge range of lawn care to suit any season. They recommend that you buy a years worth of their services so they can help you to give your lawn exactly what it needs five times a year. This takes the pressure of you completely! 

Another winter lawn care tip for you to do yourself is to keep the lawn as clear of debris as you can, whether this be leaves, sticks or kids toys. If the lawn surface is covered it will be unable to breathe and survive. You could take this even further and have a go at aerating your lawn by poking evenly spaced small holes in its surface. 

When clearing debris, you can even use it to place around the stems of your more flimsy plants and flowers at winter time. This will help to protect them from any harsh weather conditions like harsh winds! A lot of plants can surprisingly survive winter, but they may just need a little helping hand along the way.

Winter berries


If you feel like you’re on top of your winter lawn care, why not use your green thumb in other ways? You could update the flowers and plants in your borders to suit the festive period. There is a surprising amount of flowers that can grow even through a layer of snow – snowdrops, species crocus or winter aconite to name a few! 

You could even go all out and plant a typically winter tree. Fir trees are the most popular choice and have become known to represent Christmas. However, they can survive all seasons so would definitely be worth your effort. Aside from looking the part, their scent is strong and significant for Christmas time. Keep in mind though, they can grow to up to 80 feet tall, so be sure which size you are planting before you end up with a tree larger than your house!

Couple having fun in a snowy garden


Some advice that is less related to winter lawn care but still an easy yet effective way to make your garden look super festive, is decorating. There is a wide range of outdoor lighting, whether you prefer the subtle twinkly fairy lights or the tacky neon look. Either way, putting up festive lights is guaranteed to make your garden look inviting, even in freezing temperatures. 

If you think you’ve mastered the festive lighting, why not get crafty with the kids? You could designate one day at the weekend to create some Christmas outdoor decor. If you have any old empty plant pots or an old bird feeder, have a go at upcycling them with festive colours and patterns.

Bird in the snow


A foolproof way to make your garden pleasing on the eye in the winter months is to inject it with some life. Make sure there are places for animals to shelter and that there’s food for them to eat. If there is, they will keep coming back! Whether you leave food out for birds, hedgehogs or even foxes, having a garden full of wildlife is a magical thing, especially around Christmas time. 

Robins have become another Christmas symbol so if you can attract some robins to your garden you are bound to feel festive. Some ideas for bird feed to leave out are black sunflower seeds, seed balls and crushed nuts – the robins won’t be able to resist.Winter Lawn Care Tips

Do you have any other tips for caring for your lawn in winter?
If so, let me know in the comments below.
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    We don’t get a lot of snow here in Lynchburg, TN; but, we do get a lot of rain. The winter is our chance to see problem areas that need to be worked on in the spring. Now that we’ve moved into our “forever” home, we get to start that process all over again! Great tips – thanks for sharing!
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