Wonderful Winter Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is nearly here and it’s the most magical time of the year, right? Well, in terms of spending more time with our nearest and dearest then yes, absolutely. In terms of the weather outside, not so much. Although Christmas can help shake off the winter blues for a while, it doesn’t last. So this year, why not get your loved one some warming winter gifts?

Woman with heated cushion

Heated Cushion 

Winter is the perfect season for snuggling down at home. It’s a time of pyjamas, slippers and blankets. What could make it even more cosy? You could gift your loved one a heated cushion. They can plug it in and set it to just the right temperature. A personal favourite touch is the fact it’s got pockets for your hands or feet. It is the perfect addition to a cold, winter evening. Coopers of Stortford provide a cosy, heated cushion. Your friend or family member won’t be able to imagine cold nights without one.

Coffee Machine

Coffee Maker 

When we’re out and about during winter, we’re all guilty of popping into coffee shops far more frequently. This little indulgence quickly adds up. For that friend who can’t get through the day without a few cups of coffee, why not consider getting them their very own coffee maker? They can start their day with a lovely home brew, not to mention save some money on their commute. If you’re not too sure which type of machine to get them, have a browse of the best products right here.

Chunky Knit

Chunky Knitwear 

You can’t beat a bit of knitwear at this time of year can you? Whether you want to itch your crafty cravings and go down the homemade route, or you just fancy going on a splurge shopping trip – there’s so many types of knitwear you can get for your friends or family. You can think of their current style and what would suit them. Knitwear is such a flexible gift option, too. A big, cuddly jumper or a gorgeous pair of gloves. It’s entirely up to you.

Fondue Set

Fondue Set 

It may be slightly retro, but a fondue set can be such a fun winter present. Whether your friend snacks on solely savoury, or has a huge sweet tooth – this is a fun present idea. They can melt cheese or chocolate, and have plenty of dipping options. Your friend can warm themselves up with delicious, hot food. They could even make a gathering out of it.

Wonderful Winter Gifts for Christmas

Would you give any of these winter gifts to a loved one this Christmas?
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