Low-Profile Engagement Rings for Ladies with Active Lifestyles

With the tide of delicate and dainty designs, a new kind of engagement ring came to us recently. Sellers are calling it the low-profile engagement ring. If you are thinking it’s just another name for dainty and petite rings, you are not very accurate. Low-profile engagement rings are exactly what the name is. They are low profile, in that they are fashioned to lay close to your finger. While prong settings give gems a gentle elevation, the low-profile rings avoid any kind of elevation in the design. They are practical, but never too plain for the tastes of the buyers. 

Swirl low-profile engagement ringLow-profile engagement ring, swirl and halo

Who Wants to Buy a Low-Profile Engagement Ring? 

Now that you have a bit of idea what these rings are like, the question that pops in the mind is who are the right buyers of these rings. While anybody can buy a low-profile engagement ring because they are instantly likeable, these rings are best-suited for people in particular professions. 

Like all other rings, these ones too are designed keeping in mind a particular set of audience. The right buyers of low-profile engagement rings are those whose jobs entail handwork. For instance, a nurse, a doctor or a technician wouldn’t be comfortable working all day wearing a ring that catches at everything. For them, the low-set engagement rings are a more practical choice. They do not catch hair or fabric, nor make wearing globes difficult. Aside from that, low-profile engagement rings are also fitting for those who take interest in pottery, gardening and such things that involve a lot of handwork. For them, wearing a ring that keeps out of the way is the way to go. 

Bezel set low-profile engagement ring rose goldA sleek low-profile engagement ring, bezel set
We found these low-profile engagement rings at Diamonds-USA

The Anatomy of a Low-Profile Ring 

So what makes a low-profile engagement ring a practical pick for people with busy hands? For one, these rings use only those settings that have no elevation nor ornamentation. Bezel setting is one of the most popular choices in low-profile engagement rings. The bezel settings, both half and full sit at the finger level. They level with the finger thus facilitating handwork. The geometry of a low-profile ring is exactly the opposite of high-set rings. To fit the gems inside the narrow cavity of these settings, jewelers use only diamonds with a few mm of culets for these rings. 

The bezel is however not the only setting that offers a low-level setting. The basket setting too fits the description of a low-level setting. In a basket setting, the bracket touches the finger thus laying reasonably low. As for the gem, it only stands a fraction of inches above the finger. That gives it an illusion of elevation without physically offering none. 

Bezel set low-profile engagement ring silver

So, if you are not a great fan of rings with a lifted crown, then a low-set engagement ring is a great choice in terms of practicality and style. Check out the wide range of low-set engagement rings that are available in the market to pick one that is both off-the-charts and practical.

Low-Profile Engagement Rings for Ladies with Active Lifestyles

What do you guys think of low-profile engagement rings – love them or prefer something a bit bigger?
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