4 Ways Laser Hair Removal Has Improved Over the Past 5 Years

Laser hair removal has been around for over two decades. The technology was developed back in the mid-90s with less sophisticated steps and procedures. But that has changed over time, with the field experiencing unprecedented changes and becoming one of the highly sought after techniques in our modern day beauty world. Below are the ways the laser removal technique has improved over the past five years.

Laser Hair Removal

01. Treatment of Different Hair Types 

Laser hair removal relies on a different type of laser wavelengths to remove and treat the hair. Usually, the laser heats up hair, which in turn damages the follicles preventing them from growing new hair. 

Before, there were only two laser wavelengths which allowed people with dark and coarse hair with light skin to be treated. That has changed. Currently, there are different laser wavelengths that have been developed to treat a wider variety of hairs on different skin types whether light or dark, coarse or soft, blonde or brunette. 

For that reason, it is essential to have adequate tests done to determine your hair and skin type so that proper laser wavelengths can be used.

02. Safer, Faster and Less Painful 

Many patients who undergo this procedure today say they feel safer, more comfortable and spend less time. Recent advancements in the field have made the procedure comfortable and less painful. In fact, the procedure is being preferred more compared to shaving and waxing. 

Despite this, the treatment length is longer since laser only works for actively growing hair which accounts for between 10 and 15% of the total hair on the body. For effective results, at least 6 rounds of treatment are required. 

Note that hair grows at different rates so your facial hair removal treatment may vary slightly to the hair removal treatment on your legs.

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03. Experienced Laser Specialists 

The advancement of the laser treatment has transformed the procedure into a more sophisticated one. Now it requires well-trained and certified True Laser® specialists to perform this treatment procedure considering the delicateness of laser technology. 

The current training not only focuses on performing the procedure but also on providing post-treatment care that ensures that patients heal with minimal side effects while getting outstanding results. 

If the procedure is handled improperly, it would have far-reaching health risks including causing skin cancer, hormonal imbalances, and other serious skin conditions. At the moment, regulations and guidelines have been put in place to govern how laser hair removal treatment should be undertaken.

04. Improvements in Laser Hair Machines and Devices 

In recent years, the laser hair removal treatment has witnessed technical improvements in terms of laser devices and machines. New model laser devices have been introduced with the old models being faced out from the market.

New models use the radio-frequency technology that combines light and heat-based methods that allow for repeated heating of the hairs without damaging the surrounding skin regions. 

These improvements have been incremental with the aim of improving efficacy while reducing the side-effects. Additionally, with the latest laser technology, tattoo removal has been made possible, easier and safer. The laser initiates a breakdown of the ink particles in and on the skin causing the tattoo to slowly but surely fade away.

4 Ways Laser Hair Removal Has Improved Over the Past 5 Years

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