Top Tips For Growing Your Own Fresh Fruit and Veg

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is more popular than ever. With recent research suggesting that the price of fruit and veg will rise by 8% after Brexit, it’s no wonder we are all taken with the idea of being more self-sufficient to save some pennies. 

There are loads of benefits to growing your own vegetables. You will use less pesticides and chemicals than mass-produced plots, making your veggies much healthier, plus they will be fresher as they won’t have travelled thousands of miles to get to your plate. It is also a great way to spend time as a family, encouraging your little ones to learn how to nurture – and they are much more likely to want to eat them if they’ve helped the growth process! 

Here are some top tips for growing your own fruit and veggies.

Tomato Plants

Companion Planting 

This is a successful technique which involves selecting fruits and vegetables that benefit one another and planting them together. Companion planting offers a range of benefits – it can improve pollination, boost nutrients, improve soil structure, reduce disease and minimise pests. Many beginners choose to grow tomatoes as they are considered relatively easy. To encourage their growth, try planting carrots, lettuce and onions nearby as they will thrive together, all sharing their benefits with their neighbours. It’s like a little vegetable family!


Soil Is Key To Success 

It is vital that your soil has the right fertility to be able to grow healthy plants. One way to improve fertility is to add compost. Most garden centres stock this, but you can also make it yourself by creating a compost heap. You can chuck most things on there – grass cuttings, vegetable peel, vegetable waste (think apple cores or the ends of carrots), weeds and nettles. Just make sure you avoid any diseased plants or veg.

Vegetables Picked From The Patch

Pick the Perfect Location 

If you’re lucky enough to have a sizeable garden, make sure you pick the best spot which will encourage plant growth. If possible, pick a place which offers both sun and a certain degree of shelter. Avoid any areas which are in permanent shade – plants thrive on sun light, so it is essential for the growth of your fruit and vegetables. But do try to offer your plants some shelter from wind as it may be detrimental to the success of their rooting. 

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to successfully grown your own veggies. The first step is to get in the garden and be creative with your space. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can relax and enjoy growing exciting produce right outside your front door!

Top tips for growing your own fresh fruit and veg

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