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You know what? It’s been quite a long time since I last sat down and took part in a tag post here on my little blog. So when my lovely friend Jada over at Unique Young Mum tagged me in ‘The October Blog Tag’ recently I thought it was a good opportunity to write up something a little different for a change.

I really enjoyed having a read of Jada’s post as the questions are quite different on this tag to the ones on a lot of the others floating around on the internet, and I learnt a thing or two about her that I didn’t already know. And I know that I’m going to enjoy answering them myself too. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

With love from Lou

01. Name
Louise. Although most people call me Lou. Which I guess you already knew since my blog is called ‘With love from Lou’, right?

02. What is your favourite colour?
Without a shadow of a doubt, it has to be grey. The majority of clothes in my wardrobe are grey. Many of the rooms in my house are grey. Even my eyes are grey! (Although they tend to look blue in pictures). Many people may argue that grey’s not a colour. But I disagree. What do you guys think?

03. What did you do today?
The kids broke up from school for half term yesterday so we’ve just been having a nice, chilled out day at home. We’ve got lots of fun stuff planned for next week, though, so we might pop to Tesco later on today and pick up a couple of Halloween costumes to wear on our days out!

04. Where are you currently?
I’m sat on my (grey) sofa, typing up this blog post!

05. What is your star sign?
I’m a Libra. And I have all the traits too! I’m loving and loyal but can also be stubborn, moody and super indecisive.

06. Cake or Ice Cream?
Cake! I absolutely love baking, and Nathan and the kids are always telling me that my homemade cakes are the best. Which is probably why I make them so often and end up scoffing the lot. Yum!

Sven and Kristoff from Frozen

07. Frozen or Moana?
I’ve only watched Moana once and Oscar talked through most of it, so I can’t really remember much about it. So I have to go with Frozen. I love Sven and Kristoff too. They’re two of my all-time favourite Disney characters.

08. A night in or a night out?
I’m getting a bit boring in my old age and much prefer a night in now. I’m more than happy to stay in, cuddle up on the sofa and watch a good TV series on Netflix with a cup of tea and some choccie biccies. Bliss!

09. Home cooked meal or takeaway?
Home cooked all the way. I’ve discovered I’m actually a really good cook this year, and I love nothing more than making a delicious meal from scratch. The kids love them too. They’d choose mummy’s healthy oven chips over chip shop ones any day!

10. Pineapple on pizza or no pineapple on pizza?
When I was younger I loved pineapple on pizza, but now I think it’s just weird. So it’s a no from me!

11. Books or films?
For me, that has to be books. I’m a real bookworm and love getting lost in my own little fantasy world when I’m reading.


12. Autumn or Spring?
Definitely Autumn. I love everything about it. From walking through crispy leaves and having to put on a couple of extra layers of clothing on every day, to drinking pumpkin spice lattes and going trick or treating with the kids. It’s the best!

13. Flower or chocolates?
I don’t think this one will come as much of a surprise … chocolate!

14. Full-fat or diet coke?
I’ll happily drink either, but if both are available then I always go for full-fat coke.

15. Phone or laptop?
Oh, my goodness. This is a tricky one! I’d have to say laptop as it’s impossible for me to work on my phone. And if I didn’t work, I wouldn’t be able to afford luxuries like a phone anyway!

16. What is your current favourite TV series?
Ooh, another difficult question. I’m going to say Riverdale as season 3 started a few weeks ago and I’m hooked already! I can’t wait for Thursday’s to roll around so I can find out what happens next. Oh, and then there’s Jughead, of course. Need I say more?

Little witch with pumpkin

17. What is your favourite thing to do in October?
It’s my birthday in the middle of October, so I love to celebrate that and spend time doing lots of fun stuff with the kids over half term. I think we’re all ready for a break after that first couple of months back at school.

18. What is your favourite food to crave?
It’s getting close to Christmas so all I can think about is strawberry flavoured Quality Street’s. Yum!

19. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
I’ve never had a tattoo, but I used to have lots of piercings. Most of them have healed up now, though, and I only have a couple left in each earlobe. I’ve been thinking about getting a tragus piercing though.

20. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I think I’d have to say I’m more of an introvert. But I definitely have the traits of both.

21. What is your all-time favourite Halloween movie?
That has got to be Hocus Pocus! In fact, I watched it last night. I absolutely love it and it never gets boring. It’s a true classic. Plus, it isn’t scary so you can watch it with the whole family.

22. Name your top three artists/bands
Aargh, another tricky one! Green Day are my all-time favourite band, then I love 5 Seconds of Summer and Carrie Underwood.

Nottingham's Old Market Scare

23. Have you got any plans for Halloween?
On Halloween itself, we’re heading into Nottingham to the Old Market Scare. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do the trick or treat trail and go on some rides. Then it’s off to Cosmos for some dinner before returning home in time to go trick or treating. We can’t wait!

24. Do you have any fears?
I have one really big fear, and that’s losing the kids. I’m not scared of dying myself, but the thought of being here without them is too much to bear. Yesterday a gang of grown men let a firework off near myself and Oscar when we were walking home from school and it was the scariest thing ever. The scream he let out was deafening and I was convinced some of the sparks from the firework had hit him, despite me trying to jump in front of him. I honestly can’t believe how stupid some people can be.

25. Do you believe in life after love?
I certainly do. Did anyone else just imagine Cher singing that question to them, or was it just me? LOL.

26. Do you have any children? (Or animals you treat as your babies?)
Yes, both! I have two children – Stacey and Oscar. And two baby lionhead bunnies called Nutmeg and Jasper. They’re house rabbits so they’re a lot tamer than regular pet bunnies so they often jump up for a fuss just like a puppy would do.

27. What do you want for your future?
Just for my kids to be happy. I couldn’t ask for more than that.

28. Be honest, why did you start blogging?
I was off work with my Scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine, and I was so bored while Stacey was at school that I decided I needed to find something to occupy me. I started reading a lot of beauty blogs and then decided I’d like to give writing my own a go. And the rest, as they say, is history!

With love from Lou cutting the ribbon at the opening of the family friendly toilet block in the Intu Victoria Centre

29. What is your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement has got to be when I was asked to cut the ribbon at the opening of the brand new family-friendly toilet block in Nottingham’s Intu Victoria Centre back in 2015. I felt super important! Haha. If you fancy reading more about that, you can find my full post by clicking here.

30. What are your ambitions with your blog?
I’d just like it to go from strength to strength, which I think it is doing at the moment. Yay!

31. If there is one thing you’d like to change about your blog what would it be?
I keep saying I want to go back to it being mostly about fashion and beauty, but then I love writing about home interiors, family stuff and travel so I just don’t know what to do. Should I change it back or keep it as it is? I’d love to hear what you guys think.

32. Have you achieved any blog goals you set out to do this year?
Yes. I’ve been a lot more consistent with posting than I have been over the last few years. I think it’s because Oscar is at school full time now.

33. Where do you want to be in ten years time?
Still blogging! I love it and can’t imagine ever having to give it up. Even if it no longer pays the bills, I’d still like to be creating content that people want to read.

34. What is your dream holiday?
I’d love to visit the Algarve one day. It looks like such a beautiful place.

35. If you had an entire day to yourself what would you do?
Sleep! Even though Oscar is sleeping better at night now, I still find my body clock hasn’t gone back to normal and I’m tossing and turning for most of the night. It’s so annoying!

And there you have it – my answers to the questions on The October Blog Tag. I can’t believe how long it was! If you fancy having a read at some other people’s spin on the tag use the hashtag #OctoberBlogTag on social media to find them.


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and anyone else who wants to have a go!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my answers to the tag.
And don’t forget to link your post below if you’ve done this one so I can read your answers!
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  1. 27/10/2018 / 4:54 pm

    This is a great tag! I loved your answers too, especially about the ribbon cutting, thats so lovely they asked you to do that! And whilst grey is not my fave colour, we have a lot of grey in our flat and even our cats are grey!

  2. 27/10/2018 / 8:15 pm

    This is really interesting, fun to learn a little more about you 🙂 I’ve heard such good things about Riverdale so will have to give it a go 🙂
    Rebecca | AAUBlog recently posted…Creating the Best Holiday EverMy Profile

  3. 27/10/2018 / 10:27 pm

    I love tags like these – you always find out something you didn’t know about the blogger!

  4. 27/10/2018 / 10:33 pm

    I don’t think it’s boring to want to stay in, I much prefer a night in! And I can go with you on loving grey x

  5. 28/10/2018 / 3:51 pm

    Tags are always such a fun way to get to know more about bloggers. Do you know I’ve never watched Moana before! Hands up I’m a home body as well.

  6. 29/10/2018 / 8:21 pm

    Greys an interesting choice, my partners favourite colours are grey and black. I haven’t watched Moana yet but want to x

  7. Rachel
    29/10/2018 / 9:39 pm

    What a lovely way to find out more about you! I loved it x

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