Best Equipment for Keeping Swimming Pools Clean

Swimming pools are something that you can find at different locations. This could be in your back garden, included as part of gym facilities, or on the premises of a lush hotel. One of the challenges of having swimming pool, wherever it may be is trying to keep it clean and suitable for swimming. A dirty swimming pool is not only unhygienic, but it can also put you at risk as well as discourage people from swimming in the pool altogether. Below, you’re going to see some of the best equipment that can be used to keep swimming pools clean.

Leaves being removed from a swimming pool with a net


It is easy for leaves and debris to fall into your swimming pool and this is the reason you should get a pool net. A net is relatively easy to use as all you have to do is drop it inside, and as soon as you bring it up, you should find any unwanted particles inside of the net. When buying a net, remember to get a good quality one with strong materials.

Pink rubber ring in a swimming pool

Pool Filter 

If you want a pool that’s in good shape, then it needs to be filtered regularly. A good or effective filter should help keep it stay clean, so that’s what you should be looking for. More specifically, it helps get rid of contaminants as well as prevents it from getting cloudy and filling up with debris. Some qualities to look for in a filter are one that cleans the pool to your standard, is easy to clean and maintain, as well as one that will last the long haul. The three main types of filters that you can choose from are sand, cartridge as well as diatomaceous earth.

Pup swimming in a pool

Pool Chemicals 

When trying to ensure clean swimming pool water, it isn’t uncommon to find that pool chemicals are put inside. Chlorine dioxide generation systems are one way to do so. Qualities to look out for when buying one are operator safety, as well as dose accuracy to ensure it’s both safe and efficient. 

You should note, however, that chlorine which is often meant to kill bacteria and protect the health of swimmers can create a toxic chemical like nitrogen trichloride when it comes in contact with urine. In this respect, make a note to try and lower the level of chlorine in a pool while remaining above the legal lower limit. This should reduce the amount of chlorine available to react and cause nitrogen trichloride to be created.

Feet in swimming pool

Solar Covers 

Seeing as you probably aren’t going to use the pool all day every day, think about getting solar covers as a way of keeping the pool clean. This will help prevent dirt, foreign objects, insects and anything else you wouldn’t want in the pool from entering. A water cover can help eliminate evaporation, reduce chemical consumption, and lower energy consumption which are added bonuses too. Ultimately, this can help increase the life of the swimming pool components. 

Pools are a big responsibility as they have to be well-maintained. As discussed in this article, this means keeping it clean as well as updating any aspect that may need attention. For the most part, the better maintained it is, the longer it’s likely to stay in good shape.Best Equipment for Keeping Swimming Pools Clean

Do you have any other recommendations of equipment to use to keep your swimming pool clean?
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    We used to have a pool. It was so much hard work I swore I’d never get one again. It’s been a while now though, and I miss on. 😒😉😊

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