Creating An Intimate Haven At Home

The home is the place that you should feel the most peaceful, the most relaxed and the happiest. It stands to reason, that you would want each room to be a place that you want to spend time. The kitchen is the hub, the social space where we do all of our cooking and entertaining. The lounge is the place to kick your legs up onto the sofa and sink down to watch a film with someone that you love. The bedroom – well – the bedroom is the centre of the relationship that is nearest and dearest to you. It’s the place you sleep soundly, the place you retire to at the end of a very long day and it’s the place you’re the most intimate. 

Creating An Intimate Haven At Home

The very way that you decorate, light or furnish your bedroom can affect the intimacy that you have in the relationship. No one wants to lustfully fall into a bed that is uncomfortable, with broken springs and with threadbare bedding. It’s important that you have the perfect set up, from the mattress replacement that you need to buy with help from Mattress-Guides, to the actual cleanliness of the bedroom as a whole. Your bedroom won’t always be the romantic boudoir that you envision, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic bedroom to sink into when you want to. With the tips below, you can make your bedroom the perfect intimate haven for you and your loved one: 

Inviting. The bed is the focal point in the room, which means that it needs to look amazing. Plumped-up pillows, silky comforters and high thread count sheets are all great ways to add a little love to the bedroom. Make the bed look appealing, and you’re halfway there. 

Clean. Your bedroom should be free of clutter and as clean as possible. There’s nothing romantic about laundry all over the floor and empty drinks containers around the room. Keep the room a clutter-free zone.

Light. Harsh overhead lighting is a no-no unless you’re applying makeup or choosing an outfit. You want to have a choice of lighting in the bedroom. Softer lamps, side lights and dimmer switches are all a good feature to install in the bedroom of your home. Choose white bulbs instead of red; you’re going for classy and intimate, not Amsterdam cheap.

Scent. Candles or diffusers in the bedroom should smell beautiful, and not of anything too strong. Choose scents like these, that trigger desire. 

Focus. There’s nothing less intimate than walking into the bedroom with an ironing board and clothing pile left out. Your bedroom should be a place you literally fall into.

Reigniting that spark? Not always easy. However, if you’re making a conscious effort to have an intimate space with your partner that makes you both see each other rather than all the mess? Well, you’re halfway there. Make your bedroom an intimate space where you can get lost in your senses. It’s a place to relax and just be.

Do you have any other tips for creating an intimate haven at home?
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  1. 10/09/2018 / 9:28 am

    I really wish my bedroom was a haven, it is a bit of a dumping ground

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