Reasons to Invest in a Car with Lower Emissions

If you are considering treating yourself to a new car, it makes sense to go for a make or style that you’ve always loved. However, have you considered opting for one with lower CO2 emissions? 

Manufacturers are investing in alternatives, with major brands launching a raft of hybrid and electric cars to help reduce emissions. As these cars increase in popularity and our lives adapt to this new way of driving, perhaps it’s time to make the switch. 

Here are some reasons for going for an electric motor this time.

Reasons to Invest in a Car with Lower Emissions

Green Motoring 

One of the main positives of switching to a car with lower emissions is the impact on the environment. There has been a lot of research in recent years into the effects of diesel and petrol on the atmosphere. 

Electric cars produce less than 50% of the greenhouse gases emitted by those with diesel engines and this stat alone has been enough to spark debate about the future of motoring. By emitting less CO2, these electric cars are better for the planet and our health as there are fewer pollutants produced by fumes from the fuel being burned by the car. 

Our new cars in Europe are regulated by Euro emissions standards. This means that there is a set level of ‘acceptable’ CO2 emissions for each vehicle – below 0.5 g/km for diesel and 1.0 g/km for petrol engines. If these levels can be cut through a changeover to electric, it means the air is less polluted and healthier for us.

Cost-Effective Driving 

As well as offering an environmentally sound alternative to petrol and diesel engines, swapping to electric is good for your bank balance. No matter the make or model, if you’re buying new, you’re shelling out for the very latest tech, the newest trim level, and a model that reflects the current trends. On top of the cost of the car, you then need to find funds for the insurance, the tax, and the roadside assistance, not to mention paying for fuel. 

To save on that ‘ouch’ moment when you look at that final figure, opt for a car with lower emissions. Although it might be pricey initially, cleaner, greener cars mean lower taxes as the tax you pay is based on engine size and fuel type. 

Going electric is also cheaper in the long run because you are no longer having to regularly pay at the pump for expensive fuel. Budgeting for filling your car is a tricky task when the prices are constantly changing. Charging up an electric car is more cost-effective and gentler on your budget.

Hidden Perks 

One last point to note about trying a car with lower emissions is that their lack of internal combustion engine means the car is quieter. In fact, one of the main pieces of feedback from those reporting on Formula E is how different it sounds to Formula 1. In this relatively new sport, which saw its first championship in 2014, the roaring noise is replaced with a quiet hum – a kinder sound to the chugging of a petrol or diesel engine. 

Are you convinced?
Do you think you’ll be trying out the latest Tesla or hopping in a Nissan LEAF anytime soon?
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  1. 13/08/2018 / 12:00 pm

    I just a new car I am happy with, so not shopping around just yet. But will have these cars in mind for when we need a car.

  2. 17/08/2018 / 8:30 am

    We have looked into an electric car but I tend to o a lot of long distances so it wouldn’t work for us just yet

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