Do You Know How Much Your Car Really Costs?

When you think about the cost of a car, you tend to think about the money that you put down to actually buy the thing. Of course, that’s definitely going to be a serious consideration when it comes to your vehicle and is going to have a significant impact on the kind of car that you’re able to purchase, but it’s a big mistake to assume that the costs of car ownership begin and end there. In fact, in the long run, it might end up being one of the lesser investments that you make in your beloved vehicle. There’s a reason that people say buying a car is one of the most expensive things that you’ll ever do. They don’t just mean how much is costs to buy, but how much it costs to actually own. With that in mind, here are a few things that come with owning a car that could well end up costing you far more than you ever thought.

Do You Know How Much Your Car Really Costs?


If there’s one thing that every car owner knows is that insurance costs can be a real pain in the behind! Not only that but there’s actually a pretty good chance that the vast majority of people are paying more than they need to on their insurance premiums. It’s a good idea to look to places like Zenith car insurance for the best possible deal. The kind of car that you own will also have a big impact on how much your insurance costs if you want to save money on insurance then it’s a good idea to look at cars with smaller engines and a bit less power. If you’re able to, then it’s worth thinking about paying your insurance in one annual sum as well. It might seem like paying month by month will save you money, but there is usually a pretty heavy amount of interest put onto monthly payments that can really add up over time.


When you’re buying a car, you might assume that the best option is to buy an older used car that will end up costing you less up-front. Now, this is actually a pretty smart move; cars depreciate fairly steeply over the first couple of years so an older car can end up costing you far less than the same one from just a little bit later. But be warned, there’s a trade-off that comes with that initial value. A new car will often have a warranty that covers you for at least a year. Not only that but a new car is far less likely to need any essential maintenance within the first few years of ownership than a used one.

Fuel Costs 

The most obvious, and most regular cost of owning a car is going to be your fuel. Unless you decide just to keep in on your driveway as an extremely large, extremely expensive ornament, you’re going to need to fill the tank up with petrol from time to time. The most obvious wisdom is usually true. If you don’t want to end up spending a great deal on fuel, go for a car with a smaller engine that will give you more miles to the gallon. 

None of this is designed to discourage anyone from getting a car, after all; a vehicle is pretty much necessary for getting through most of daily life these days. But the last thing you want is to end up in a position where you didn’t realize how much it was really going to cost you and you end up in some financial hot water.

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