Celebrate A Level and G.C.S.E Exam Success with Thoughtful Gifts

The summer months can be a busy time for families with children and young adults aged between 16 and 18 years. This is mainly due to the UK exam season that takes place during June and July. Why not reward your hardworking student after their exams with a gift to celebrate this special time. Relish the successful exam results together and look forward to their future education and careers.

 A Level and G.C.S.E students can find exam season very stressful when trying to multitask their revision of traditional and creative subjects. These include the traditional mathematics, English, science and the more creative art, design and media studies. Unsurprisingly, statistics show that mathematics remained the most popular A Level with the highest results passed in 2017. This is no surprise given that grades higher than C are required in A Level mathematics for students to progress in popular careers including medicine, veterinary science and accountancy. 

During the June and July months many students will be trying to balance social and extra-curricular activities at the same time as they prepare for exams. A large majority of 17 and 18-year-old students also need to juggle part time jobs as they approach the end of college. They may need to save money in order to move away from home and live at university. This period in a student’s life can be very stressful, with teenagers seeking extra help to cope through talking with relatives and external services, such as counselling and charities. However, in 2017 statistics from a report by the Department of Education showed that 16-18-year-old A Level results have improved across the country, even throughout the increase of figures indicating stress among A Level student.

Celebrate A Level and G.C.S.E Exam Success with Thoughtful Gifts

Given that (some) students work exceptionally hard throughout this period of life, why not reward your hardworking children, family or friends with a thoughtful gift. After exams, G.C.S.E students can look forward to entering college, starting an apprenticeship or taking on that first official job role. You could celebrate with them by taking a trip away to their favourite country or through giving them gift cards or vouchers to see a concert or show by their favourite artist. 

Celebrate A Level and G.C.S.E Exam Success with Thoughtful Gifts

Now 18-year-old students are old enough to celebrate legally with prosecco or champagne they can also look forward to the next chapter in their lives. If students are planning to leave home and move to a new area to begin their university studies, why not provide them with a luxury hamper that can remind them of the comfort of home during periods of homesickness. 

Remember to reward that hardworking student in your life and celebrate as they progress through further education or their new career.

Did you get a gift when you’d finished your A Levels or G.C.S.E’s?
I’d love to hear what you got if you did.

Thanks for reading guys.
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