3 Design Trends Your Home Will Love This Summer

If you’re looking for ideas to help improve the look and feel of your home, then look no further! In this post, we’ll have a peek at some of the best design trends out there right now. This includes both interior and exterior design ideas, so keep that in mind! Read through them all and think about applying them to your home this summer.

Luxury Garden Furniture

Luxury Garden Furniture 

This summer, it’s all about making your garden become an extension of your home. People don’t see the garden and house as two separate things anymore, they’re merging into one massive beast. As a consequence, the emphasis is on making your garden a more relaxing outdoor living space for your home. The key to doing this is with luxury garden furniture. Now, if you visit Bridgman today, you’ll see plenty of garden furniture that fits this description. As you’ll see, we’re not talking about traditional garden furniture like deck chairs and plastic tables. Instead, the trend is having things that wouldn’t look totally out of place inside your home. People now have outdoor sofas, armchairs, and luxurious dining tables in their garden. It’s a hot trend that’s perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Bright and Bold Colours

Bright and Bold Colours 

Another key design trend – which applies both interiorly and exteriorly – is this idea of bright and bold colours. People love to use very bright and very bold pastel colours around their home during the spring and summer months. In fact, many go as far as to say that ‘ice cream colours’ are the way forward. This covers things like light pink, mint green, white/cream, light blue, and so on. The idea is that these colours add brightness and a summery feeling to your home. As such, if you want a simple way of reinvigorating your home design this summer, then try applying bright & bold colours in any way possible.

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A Greener Interior 

This final trend is specifically for the inside of your home, which I know will please many of the interior design lovers out there! Basically, it’s a very simple concept of making your home a lot greener. No, this doesn’t mean painting the walls green and getting green accessories everywhere. Instead, it’s the idea of bringing foliage into the home. These days it’s very fashionable to hang plant pots with vibrant green foliage flowing from them in your home. Flowers are obviously always popular too, and you just want to bring more greenness to your interior. This has dual benefits of making the house look more colourful while also bringing a freshness to the air. 

Are you thinking about improving your home this summer? Then try out any of the three design trends mentioned above. Trust me, they’ll all work wonders on your home and have it looking and feeling gorgeous from inside to out. If you want my advice, I say get started on all the little home design improvements now! Why? Because by the time summer rolls around, and you have guests for summer parties, your home will be looking gorgeous and trendy.

What design trends are you guys loving this summer?
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