The Freshest Produce Creates The Best Food

Think about what foods are in your cupboard at the minute. Is it fresh, or is half of it sitting in a box waiting to be opened and cooked. We reckon you’re going to say you fall into the latter category a bit more, but there’s nothing wrong with that, we won’t judge! What we will do is tell you that the best food is generated from the freshest produce, and your local supermarket or market will be full of it. Yes, we know it’s a bit more expensive, but paying more to have the finer things in life is just what we do. So, here’s some of the freshest produce that you should be stocking your cupboards with, and the potential foods that you could make from it.

The Freshest Produce Creates The Best Food

Cupboard Fillers 

We know we’re meant to be talking fresh, but just because something can be put in the cupboard, doesn’t mean it isn’t some of the freshest produce you’re going to find. So, take coffee as an example. The coffee from the shops in the tins or packets is sub par compared to what we’re going to suggest. What if we were to tell you you could get freshly roasted coffee beans right to your door, ones that have only been roasted a few days previously. Ones that offer such an intense flavour that you’ll be hooked on coffee for life. Well, it’s true. Plus, it lasts for months in your cupboards whilst still maintaining that fresh taste. So, now you see, just because it’s on your shelf, it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be fresh.

Veg & Meat 

Veg should be fresh, and that’s a given. But so many people leave veg out of their diet when they really shouldn’t do. There’s so many health benefits to actually getting your 5 a day. The vitamins and minerals that are in veg are what we need to survive, and the fact our diets lack them so much is one of the reasons why we’re always feeling so sluggish. So, if you want the freshest veg, we suggest that you go to a farmers market. Most of the things that you’ll buy is literally fresh from the field, and the taste you’ll be able to get from that is amazing. By the time it reaches the supermarkets it has been washed, sprayed, messed with, and the shelf date will probably be no more than a few days. From a farmers market, you cut out all the man handling and preservation techniques, you just get raw, amazing food. If you’re looking for the best meat, always go direct to a butchers or the meat counter at your local supermarket. People make the mistake of buying the chicken from the shelves, but 90% of the time it is full of water, and the nutritious value is so low. Butchers cut the meat fresh that day, so you know it isn’t going to be pumped full of anything. The supermarkets do it to one, try and preserve shelf life, and two, to increase the weight so they can sell at a higher price. Hopefully now you’re starting to see why fresh is better.

Do you guys agree that the freshest produce creates the best food?
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