Finding The Perfect Plan For Your Romantic Getaway

Ah, romance. It makes our hearts flutter, our brains do somersaults and tests all of the courage we have ever built over the course of our lifetimes. To love is truly a heroic act. It makes you completely vulnerable, in front of someone who has the power to make your year or give you an awful month. Of course, the very idea that you’re considering traveling somewhere special with your partner means that the relationship is close. It might be that you’re still in the initial stages of finding out who your partner is, and travel can be the perfect place to see who they are deep down.

However, traveling in this manner is not a simple thing. If you really want to make it memorable,you must do something special. There are less romantic and more romantic places in the world to travel. There are also inferior and superior circumstances that constitute ‘a romantic trip.’

Everyone knows the time and place they first encountered their romantic interest, and the surroundings they were in. Travel can afford you that feeling once more, both renewed and memorable.

Here’s how:

Finding The Perfect Plan For Your Romantic Getaway

On An Adventure

A once in a lifetime holiday is the perfect catalyst for this. Not only will this unique adventure serve as an experiential milestone for both you and your partner, but it will give you the confidence and setting to truly make a show out of your new story. For example, let’s say you hike up a mountain to witness a truly stunning vista. While your partner’s breath is taken away by the expanse and beauty of nature before them, you both share something wonderful. This cannot be replicated by watching a movie together, or visiting the aquarium. This puts you both in a place of awe, and that’s certainly a bonding emotion.

This means planning the adventure. Your partner is likely not interested in romance when they have been abseiling all day, now drenched in sweat. This might sound comical, but you’d be surprised at how small little considerations like this might attract or detract positivity from the hidden romantic moments you share during the day, depending on your personality. But, if you both aren’t floored together by the wonderful vistas of Tibet, Iceland or Norway, you are likely made of stone. 

It’s perfectly fine to postpone the romance until the evening, when you have experience and shed your energy for the day on a memory you are sure to cherish. After all, romance isn’t all lovey-dovey from start to finish. It permeates many things, and is often most found in experiencing the world together. When you’re both relaxed and enamoured in your partner’s company, then you might come together, still basking in the afterglow of the day’s events. Trust us when we say that memories can form easily in a new environment like this and benefit you both.

Relaxing during a meal out with your lover is one thing, but reflecting during a meal after a day of incredible, humbling adventure? You shouldn’t struggle to see which is superior.


Memories. They inform our understanding of the world, and shape our personality. What are we really but the sum of all our experiences and the people we have interacted with over the course of our life? It might be said that these experiences are more us than any preconceived notion of who we are. This might sound needlessly strange and deep for an article about romance, but is shows you the power of the use of memory in getting things right.

But how is this applied? Well, consider the relationship you have shared with your lover thus far. Where did you meet? Was it in a small, humble theatre in Colorado when you were playing in a band, only to be bought a drink by that beautiful person at the bar? Is your lover the teacher you first met in the classroom you teach in? Was it that photographer you met at that sporting event in Brazil you just couldn’t ignore?

Novelty always works in this way too. Paris, Rome and London might be romantic places to travel, but are they somewhat mainstream? Might you and your partner find romance on a nature trail, in an old Dutch village, or in an environment of art and culture?

Why not return there to travel, especially if you have moved away since? Under the guise of ‘revisiting the past,’ you may have one of the most integral places of your story to revisit. Of course, this might not work well if you met through online dating or Tinder, but the thought still remains. It might be that you shared a silly joke that became an ‘inside meme’ within the relationship. If this doesn’t necessarily direct you to a place, it might direct you to how to travel, and that can sometimes inform a place. For example, if early in the relationship your partner expressed Venice is the most beautiful city in the world for him/her, then why not buy express tickets there, with the best hotel you can afford?

These little details show that you care about the story you have crafted together, no matter how silly, humorous or bumbling and awkward. What matters is that it’s your personal story, and personal stories are always backed up by the environment.This adds an emotional depth to your travel, something that no one else could ever take away from you. The power of this is that you replicate the conditions in which you first developed your interest. This can amplify the entire event if worked in the right way.

A Tour

A relationship is often compared to a journey. No matter if you’re married, in the new dawn of a partnership or you’ve known them years, this is true. So why not express this throughout your travels? First of all, what do you both enjoy and love? Are you aficionados of craft beer? Then a microbrewery tour of the USA from coast to coast could certainly take a month of your time (but be sure to pack aspirin!) Are you a chef? Could a food tour be worthwhile?

It might even be more noble than this. You might choose to volunteer your time building shelters, investing your combined time in a manner that makes a difference in the Congo. Theming a getaway around a purpose like this allows you another journey to take together. It’s less of a ‘break’ that you spend sat in restaurants, and something that helps you feel positive about your mutual contribution.

So what are you waiting for? Have yourself and your partner write down the ‘five best places I’d like to travel.’ Compare that list, and if you have any that match, prioritize that place. Even better if it’s a completely new territory, climate or activity to take part in. You’ll likely remember this for years and years.

Finding The Perfect Plan For Your Romantic Getaway

Where would your ideal romantic getaway be?
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