What You Do Not Want To Miss In Beijing

China is a fascinating country that is steeped in both history and also culture, which means when you visit, there are plenty of things to see, taste, and do. However, sometimes, it is better to go off the beaten trail slightly and visit some of the least touristy places, to get a real feel for the local people and culture. There are several websites, such as the Trip Advisor, that can give you some excellent advice on trips that are popular, as well as some of the more adventurous and less utilised excursions that you can take.

The Great Wall of China

A Private Tour of The Great Wall

Although the Great Wall is not technically in Beijing, it is close which makes it a favourite with tourists to visit. Many of the tour companies all go to the same parts of the walls, and you can also see the same hawkers peddling their wares to the tourists. To get a better view of this wondrous ancient monument, hire a private driver and have them take you to less visited areas along the wall which will allow you to appreciate its splendour much easier. 

A Food Tour of The City By Tuk Tuk

For your tailor made China tours just for you, you may also wish to consider taking a culinary tour of the city by Tuk Tuk. If you are feeling adventurous and have a strong constitution, you can organise a trip of all of the best street food that is available in Beijing. Wind your way along the alleys and back streets in search of some of the tastiest food you will have the pleasure to enjoy. A tour of the city’s food spots is an excellent way to gain an insight into the people and culture of Beijing.

Beijing Skyline

Enjoying the Food On Foot

You can also join other tours which will walk you along the back streets and alleyways of old Beijing allowing you to taste the culinary delights that are on offer. These trips often have other people so are not as private, but they are an excellent way to experience the food and atmosphere of the old part of the city.

Enjoy the Famous Chinese Acrobats

The Chinese people have been world renowned for their acrobatic skills for a very long time. When visiting Beijing take in a trip to the Chaoyang Theatre and see some of the marvellous acrobatics that are on display. A trip to the theatre is fun for all of the family and some of the feats will leave you in awe.

So Much More to See And Do

As well as those mentioned above, there are also plenty of other famous places to visit when in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, Tian’anmen Square, the Summer Palace, as well as much more. Make sure that when you visit this vibrant and exciting city that you explore it as much as you can and try and get off the beaten path a little. You may be happily surprised at just what you find and experience on your travels.

What You Do Not Want To Miss In Beijing

Have you guys ever visited Beijing before?
If so, why not let me know what your must-dos are when visiting the city?
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  1. 28/02/2018 / 11:36 pm

    There is so much in China that i want to do that is on my bucket list! Beijing looks like a great jumping off Point to start my bucket list adventure. I would love to take a tuk tuk food tour and to see the chinese acrobats sounds like a great adventure. It is a no brainer that the Great Wall of China is a must do. Thanks for these great tips and tour groups to join!
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  2. 04/03/2018 / 7:46 pm

    The food tour by tuk tuk sounds absolutely amazing – I’m so jealous that you’ve visited Beijing, I am dying to go!

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