Visiting The Capital? Get London-Smart!

London, what a wonderful city. Often referred to as the capital of the world, both due to its almost-always crowded central areas, as well as the multicultural population. No matter what you may be into, London probably has you covered, because it is as vast as it is diverse. Want to culturally enrich yourself? There are more museums than you can shake a stick at, which many of have free entry, making for an easy day out. Want to go on a shopping trip for the whole day? There’s more than enough places for that.

Regardless of you are into, chances are you won’t run out of things to do. However, there are a few things you should know before you visit, if you would like to make this trip as excellent as it can be. London is actually rather self-explanatory as a city, and easy to get about, but it can leave you feeling a bit drained if you fall into the usual tourist traps.

Saving on accommodation

No matter if you’re coming to London as a tourist, or a student, or on a business trip, if you are not going to leave the same day you came, you will need a place to stay. While London may not be extraordinarily expensive in the general sense, coffee and tea is not a high-class luxury, and you can buy something to eat at Tesco’s for mere pennies, but the housing in London is notoriously expensive. If you are planning to have a relatively lengthier stay, consider looking into getting a Book Homestay Accommodation, or an Airbnb rather as opposed to a hotel. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with hotels, just your wallet’s innards might be better spent on other things than room service, especially if it’s a short visit.


Travel in London is relatively fairly priced, it is not something which you should have to worry about. However, what you do have to worry about, is the reliability of said transport. If you are short on time, and a somewhat tight schedule, planning out your journey beforehand is one of the most crucial things in London. You are always only a few subpar choices away from spending half your day in traffic on the bus, or waiting for a train in the tube due to delays. Much like housing, the public transport in London is also notorious, but for different reasons. Widely known to be about as reliable as a sundial at midnight, keeping track of things on the TFL website is going to be your best friend during your stay.

If you need to go on the bus for any longer than 5 minutes, make sure you do so outside of rush hour, that usually being 5 PM until around 6:30 PM. It might sound exaggerated, but it can get extraordinarily bad. A trip which might typically take you 20 minutes might turn into a 2-hour journey which consists of the bus inching forward every few minutes. Fortunately, the tube and DLR (overground train) do not suffer from traffic anywhere near as the buses. That said, it still has its fair share of problems when it comes to reliability. Be it the stations which are closed, or severe delays on a given line, issues seem to pop up all the time out of seemingly nowhere. If you do not check the TFL website before you embark on your journey, then you only have yourself to blame.

Do you have any other tips for visiting the capital?
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