Halloweek 2015 – Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

9 Halloween Costume Ideas for BoysFor today’s Halloween Costume Ideas post I’m talking about those all important outfits for boys! I’ve also written ones for him, for her, for girls and for toddlers if you fancy checking them out as well.

I had a little help from my son, Oscar, when choosing these particular costumes, so most of them aren’t as scary as you might imagine, but I think they’d all work really well for trick or treating or as something to wear to a Halloween party. We hope you like them as much as we do …

Zombie School Boy Halloween Costume for BoysZombie School Boy
I’m pretty sure it will come as no surprise to you guys that I’ve added at least one zombie costume to my list of costume ideas for boys. After all, I love zombie costumes! This one is a zombie school boy outfit from Escapade and I think it really captures both the horror of having to go to school and the fun of Halloween in one cool costume. It comes complete with a grey ripped school uniform jacket and trousers, mock shirt and tartan tie. This is one little zombie I really wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Eek!!

Zombie School Boy Costume – £9.99 ||link||



Grim Reaper Halloween Costume for BoysGrim Reaper
It wouldn’t be Halloween without seeing a Grim Reaper lurking about, and my favourite version of this costume just has to be this one from George at ASDA. I think this is fairly scary, and would work well for most Halloween events. The outfit consists of a black robe with a rib cage design on the chest that changes its image as your child moves around, and a hood with a grim reaper face mask attached. I think this is one awesome costume that is really unique. I love it!

Grim Reaper Costume – £10.00 ||link||



Captain Hook Halloween Costume for BoysCaptain Hook
I love to see kids dressed up as storybook or film characters on Halloween, and one of my favourite costume ideas for this theme this year has got to be the wonderful Captain Hook! I found this super cute costume in The Disney Store and just couldn’t resist adding it to today’s post. Now, with it being an official Disney store item it’s a little more expensive than a lot of the other costumes I’m talking about, but their items are always fantastic quality and last for ages so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re happy to pay a little bit more for your fancy dress. The costume comes with a red velvet tunic with shirt effect underlay, brocade trims, black trousers with elasticated waist and cuffs and boot covers with a buckle detail. It looks exactly like Captain Hooks outfit in Peter Pan and I just love it!

Captain Hook Costume – £30.95 ||link||
Captain Hook Costume Hat – £10.95 ||link||



Spiderman Halloween Costume for BoysSpiderman
Every Halloween I see lots of little boys dressed up as Spiderman, so I thought I’d add one of my favourite Spidey outfits to my costume ideas post. My great-nephew Alfie is Spiderman mad so I’m sure he’ll appreciate me including this! This is a deluxe costume from Angels Fancy Dress which is made up of a blue and red jumpsuit with a padded chest to make the little ones look muscly, and an awesome Spiderman mask. Perfect for superheroes everywhere.

Spiderman Deluxe Costume – £23.99 ||link||



The Joker Halloween Costume for BoysThe Joker
It’s a well known fact that at least one of your friends is afraid of clowns. So why not frighten the life out of them by dressing as the scariest of them all – The Joker from the Batman film ‘The Dark Knight’? The costume is a really simple one and includes a long purple jacket with an attached printed waistcoat over a shirt and tie detail. What I really like about this costume is that the waistcoat ties at the back (and is covered by the jacket) to ensure it’s a really good fit. It also includes the scary Joker mask. Yikes! Just add a pair of black trousers, shoes and gloves to finish the look.

The Joker Costume – £19.99 ||link||



Dracula from Hotel Transylvania Halloween Costume for Boys

Dracula from Hotel Transylvania
With the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 currently in cinemas, I thought I’d add this awesome Count Dracula outfit to my list of costume ideas! The outfit consists of a smart black shirt front and black trousers, an elegant long black cape with a deep purple lining and high collar and a fabulous Count Dracula mask that looks just like the character in the film. I’m sure all Hotel Transylvania fans would be happy to wear this costume this Halloween. What do you guys think?

Dracula from Hotel Transylvania – £17.99 ||link||



Pirate Halloween Costume for BoysPirate
This year I’ve let Oscar choose his own Halloween costume for the first time, and he’s chosen to be a pirate! There are loads of different pirate costumes out there but we both loved this Deckhand Pirate costume that we found on eBay. The costume is especially piratey and comes complete with an adventure-ready jumpsuit with striped sailor shirt, attached black waistcoat and red belt above black cropped trousers with a jagged hem. It also comes with the pirate hat with a skull and crossbones design on the front. He’ll look ready to sail the seven seas in an instant – but in a super cute way of course!

Pirate Costume – £7.99 ||link||
Pirate Sword – £2.49 ||link||
Eyepatch – 29p ||link||


Mike from Monsters University Halloween Costume for Boys

Mike from Monsters University
Another character costume idea that’s not too scary for little ones is dressing as the brilliant Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc/Monsters University. This super cute costume is just a deluxe padded top and trousers with a picture of Mike’s face printed on the front and spikes attached to the shoulders, but it looks really cool and I’m sure that Monsters Inc fans would absolutely love dressing as one of their favourite characters from the movie.

Mike from Monsters University Deluxe Costume – £20.99 ||link||


Werewolf Halloween Costume for Boys

And last but not least for my boys Halloween costume ideas is this fantastic werewolf outfit. It reminds me of something out of the movie ‘Twilight’. The costume includes a vinyl chinless mask, shirt with realistic looking tears that show a little bit of wolf body and furry, fingerless gloves. I think it looks brilliant, and would be so easy to pull off this Halloween.

Werewolf – £22.99 ||link||

And that brings us to the end of my Halloween Costume Ideas for boys. I hope you guys like what I’ve picked out and that it gives you some fresh ideas for what you can dress your little ones up as this October 31st.

Do your little ones enjoy dressing up for Halloween?
I’d love to hear what they’re dressing as this year if they do!With love from Lou SignatureTwitter | Facebook | Bloglovin | Instagram | YouTube


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  1. 21/10/2015 / 11:47 am

    Great costumes I love the pirate one and the zombie one looks fab too. I’m not dressing my little boy up this year am going to wait til he is a little older and gets Halloween as he is only 10 months at the moment.
    Joanna recently posted…My facial skincare routineMy Profile

  2. 21/10/2015 / 9:39 pm

    These are such great costumes! I often wish I was a kid again so that I can dress up in cute costumes like these haha. The Mike Wazowski is fantastic, you’re right about how it’s a great not too scary option!

  3. 21/10/2015 / 9:43 pm

    OH MY GOODNESS! Why did I not think of Dracula from Hotel Transylvania?! That is right up my sons street. I love that it comes with the trousers and shirt front! And the cape and mask is amazing. I love Mike and the werewolf, too! Great collection of costumes, thank you so much for sharing! And for the idea of Dracula. 🙂 xx
    Sarah recently posted…Making Halloween Masks.My Profile

  4. 22/10/2015 / 12:54 am

    Such great choices, its hard to choose, but I love the zombie one and the Joker one in particular I think! I love the fact your son helped choose them – what better recommendation than one from the age group they are aimed at!
    Random Musings recently posted…Super Easy To Make Halloween GhostsMy Profile

  5. 22/10/2015 / 9:54 am

    That’s such a deadly selection – I really like the Werewolf and the pirate – have a feeling my little fella might freak if he saw himself in the mirror in any of the zombie or werewolf costumes so I think we’ll go a bit more tame this year! There are some real bargains there – I really wish we had Asda here, their George stuff is brilliant.
    Lisa – Four Walls, Rainy Days recently posted…Scary Or Sexy: A Hunt for a Halloween CostumeMy Profile

  6. 22/10/2015 / 4:06 pm

    Some nice ideas – like the first one the most. We don’t do Halloween but my daughter loves dressing up so I can imagine that anything that involved dressing up would excite her 🙂 xx

  7. 23/10/2015 / 12:25 pm

    I love these outfits. My favourite is the zombie school boy, but I’m showing this to my boys to choose their favourites … great round up.
    Anna x

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