Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

When it comes to one’s mental wellbeing, a great place to start is your body. Taking care of yourself physically is fundamental to a happy mind. This shouldn’t be limited to drinking more water or getting enough sleep (although those are absolute musts!) but furthermore to taking care of your body’s exterior too. If your skin looks fantastic then, as well as being healthy, you’re going to feel more confident. 

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Personally, when it comes to caring for my skin and hair, I always go to a professional service. I don’t deny that there are some superb home kits for you to wax and pamper yourself with, but, for me, I prefer the treatment of the professionals. The reasons for this are pleasurable and practical. Pleasurable because I enjoy the experience of being pampered! Plus, I enjoy the consideration that’s put into the work and talking through queries I might have. Countless times I’ve been put at ease by simply asking a professional I’m not sure I’m doing this right – what do you think? I’m always coming home with a new skin care tip or recommendation for a moisturiser too. 

Practical, then, because, when it comes to waxing, it is far, far less painful than doing it myself. Oftentimes I hear that waxing is painful and I admit, after an uncomfortable home experience, it is. There’s no two ways about it – you’re pulling the entirety of the hair, follicle and all, out. However, it can hurt less. In fact, I’d say it can hurt much less. Salons not only have high quality products but they also know how to best take care of the skin before and after, especially to help avoid any blotchiness and keep the skin protected. Once your body gets used to it and you know what to expect it’s far easier. It takes around three weeks for me to start seeing hair return, and those weeks are worry free. 

I’ve tried shaving, and still fall back on it occasionally. However, I’d wager that I’ve been left with more cuts from a razor than I have had issues from waxing. There are also hair removal creams, which are effective but I’ve found them to be costly overall, especially since you have to use them frequently. On top of those there’s all the extras too – the creams and oils. I, admittedly, do keep aloe vera gel on hand, as an extra treat to keep the skin happy. Overall, going to a professional means all that is taken care of! I actually find my local salons through Groupon, which always has lots on in the area. 

So, when keeping on top of your body care, I’d recommend treating yourself (and it is a treat!) to a professional. They will be able to take care of your body as well as offer you an experience that supports wellbeing. Taking the time out of your schedule to groom is a relaxing thing to do that will leave your skin and mind happier for it!

Do you guys enjoy having a pamper session every now and then?
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  1. 17/07/2018 / 12:13 pm

    I think it’s right to use the services of the salon. But the main thing is to find a good specialist and a reliable salon.

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