The Down-Lo On Bathroom TLC

For a room where people do their business, it’s vitally important that the bathroom shines and sparkles. Let’s face facts and admit it’s not appealing to go #1 or #2 in a dump (excuse the pun). But, comfort is only one reason to invest time and energy in your bathroom. Considering it fills with water on a daily basis, there’s a good chance of damage and water-based situations. Anyone who has ever had to deal with mould will understand. You aren’t an animal so you clean regularly, yet you may still not treat your bathroom with the TLC it deserves. 

Here are the tricks of the trade:

The Down-Lo On Bathroom TLC

Wipe Away H20 

Now, firstly it’s important to admit that this isn’t easy work. Thanks to showers, baths and taps, water tends to go everywhere. As long as it isn’t on the floor, though, everything is fine, right? No, not necessarily because the walls and the fixtures may take a bit of a beating. Standing water isn’t as powerful as its running cousin, but it can cause the most durable substances to crack and erode. Yep, even the marble sink for which you paid a small fortune. Always wipe away excess H2O to ensure that it doesn’t break down the tiles and get into foundations.

The Down-Lo On Bathroom TLC

Clean The Toilet 

Again, you’re not an animal so you’ll clean the bowl and the surrounding area once or twice a week. Sorry, but this isn’t enough if you don’t want the room to shine like the rest of the house. To begin with, the toilet bowl has to endure a lot more than the stove or the kitchen tops. Secondly, if you let the bacteria do its thing, it will multiply like bunny rabbits do, only worse because bacteria have higher sex drives! Some people suggest cleaning after every use, but three or four times a week should suffice.

The Down-Lo On Bathroom TLC

Look Under The Hood 

Everything looks fine on the surface and then disaster strikes. Oh no, the drains are coming up and they can’t be stopped. Everyone, watch out!!! Blocked drains are nothing to play with because they can bring raw, untreated sewage into the bathroom. Even worse, the pipes can burst under pressure. Seriously, this isn’t worth thinking about. A wise move is to throw a healthy dose of bleach down the toilet, shower and sinkholes to keep the waste moving. Being proactive is shrewd because you’ll have to use your hands once it gets stuck. Urgh!

The Down-Lo On Bathroom TLC

Be Gentle 

Although it needs constant care and attention, you shouldn’t be heavy-handed. Overusing cleaning products, powerful ones, has the same impact as leaving the water to stand. If anything, the process is quicker because the chemicals start to break down the material as soon as it touches the surface. Bleach is handy but only use it sparingly. For the nooks and crannies, put together a gentle concoction of washing liquid and lime juice. It’s amazing how this mix lifts stubborn stains without eroding the furnishings.

The Down-Lo On Bathroom TLC

What are your bathroom cleaning hacks?
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  1. 07/05/2018 / 11:16 am

    I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom too much. Since discovering antrusty squeegee will work wonders, it’s a much easier task. No water sitting on surfaces and reduces the condensation in the room in general too. It’s still pretty tough though. I break it up in to smaller tasks so I can pace myself with it because of my chronic pain and fatigue. I definitely feel like how can you get clean in a dirty room?! As for bleach, I only tend to use that in the toilet because it’s tough stuff. If we are going away for a while, I’ll always bung in some bleach before we go, too. Great tips 🙂
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