Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden on a Budget

Can you guys believe that Easter has been and gone already? I certainly can’t. I’m sure it was Christmas just a couple of weeks ago! And when is the warm weather going to arrive? This time last year I’d spent countless days enjoying the sunshine at the park with Oscar, but this year it’s been way too cold to venture very far. That said, I did manage to the kids out in the garden for a couple of hours before it snowed over the weekend. Yay!

While we were out there though, I noticed our outdoor living space was looking a little worse for wear, and could do with being spruced up a little. But, as funds are limited, I only have a small amount of money spare to spend on doing it up. I love a challenge, though. And today I thought I’d share my top tips for sprucing up your garden on a budget, just in case any of you guys are feeling the same way as me. As always, I hope you enjoy having a read and find my tips useful.

Coloured Plant Pots

01. Add a bit of colour

I always think that gardens that feature a lot of colour look amazing. And, if yours is like mine and lacks colour, why not treat yourself to a colourful wooden planter or two to fill with lovely plants? You could stand them on your lawn or patio, or even hang them on your fence. They’ll look great!

It doesn’t matter what sort of planter you buy, but the raised sort are particularly useful if you’re planning on growing delicate flowers or fruit and veg, as the raised part gives more protection against pests. If you’ve got old plant pots lying around, why not give them a new lease of life by painting them.

Painting the fence

02. Paint your fence and shed

An old crumbling fence can make your garden look a bit shabby, so when you’ve next got a free weekend why not spend some time bringing it back to life with a lick of paint?! My advice would be to sand it down first, before using an undercoat or primer as a base, then paint it in the colour of your choice. You don’t have to stick to the traditional white or brown paint either – have a look around your local DIY store and see if there’s another colour that would look great in your garden!

Your shed probably won’t need re-painting as often as your fence, as they’re usually made to stand the test of time. But if yours is looking like it’s seen better days, all you need to do is give it a quick scrub down, and a couple of coats of paint and it will look as good as new. Brilliant!

Light up your outdoor living space

03. Light up your outdoor living space

Garden lighting can add a lot of character to your garden, as well as allowing you to be able to sit out on warmer nights. These days, the choice of garden lighting from is huge, and you can choose from battery-operated lamps, to solar-powered lights, and everything in between. To save money (and do your bit for the environment), solar-powered lighting is a good option. There are a huge variety available, from tea lights to lamps, and many of them can be staked into the ground, which is perfect if you’re not really in to DIY!

I use LED Decking Lights in my garden so the kids can see to walk down from where we sit to where their trampoline and other garden toys are without having an accident. I also like to drape string lights around a plant or two in the evening to give my garden an enchanted feeling. It’s super cheap to do and looks fantastic!

I highly recommend checking out Groupon’s patio and garden page if you’re looking for budget-friendly garden lights as they always seem to have some great deals on them. I’ve bought so many lovely bits for my home and garden from Groupon and I’ve always been super happy with them. I mean, who doesn’t like scoring themselves a nice little discount on the things they need?

Bird having a bath

04. Add a water feature

OK guys, I’m not talking about a super fancy water feature here, as they tend to be quite pricey. But how about adding a simple water feature, such as a bird bath? Not only will it look great, but it will attract birds to your garden too. This is fab if you’ve got kids as they will love looking out for the birds as they visit your garden for a quick wash. Gardening website greenfingers.com have a lovely selection of bird baths starting from as little as £7.99!

Mowing the lawn

05. Feed your lawn

Many gardeners recommend fertilising your lawn between one and four times a year. And how long it will take depends on the size of your garden. On average, though, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours max.

Fertiliser can make your grass look a lot healthier by filling up any bare patches you may have, preventing weeds, and making the lawn more long-lasting and resistant to damage caused by people walking on it, pets and garden pests. You can pick up reasonably priced fertilisers from supermarkets, DIY stores and local garden centres. And it’s a really easy way to make your garden look greener and much more inviting.

Outdoor Table Lantern

06. Add some accessories

Just as adding colourful cushions to the lounge, new towels in the bathroom, or different bed linen in the bedroom gives each of those rooms a new lease of life, adding small, inexpensive touches to your garden will do the same thing. You could pop a candle holder on the patio table, or new cushions on the patio chairs. You’d be amazed at how different and welcoming just a small change can make!


07. De-clutter

De-cluttering shouldn’t be restricted to the house – gardens are often littered with bicycles, broken plant pots, toys and tools. Give it a good tidy-up with the usual advice – store what you might use in the shed, sell or recycle anything that’s it’s good condition but you know you won’t use again, and then bin the rest.

It really is amazing how much better your garden will look when you’ve gotten rid of anything that’s been lying around for ages that shouldn’t have been there. And I’m sure it will inspire you to sit out there more often once there’s more space!

Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden on a BudgetAnd there you have it, 7 quick and easy ways to give your garden a little makeover on a budget this season. I hope you found some of my ideas helpful, and I’d love to see some pictures of your finished garden if you use any of them.

Do you have any other tips for sprucing up your garden on a budget this year?
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