Antique vs. Vintage vs. Estate Rings

If you are new to the mysterious world of antiques, many of the terms used will likely confuse you, and when you hear the words antique, vintage and estate, you would be in the dark, and with that in mind, here is a brief introduction to these three jewellery categories.

Antique vs. Vintage vs. Estate Rings

01. Antique Rings 

The word antique conjures up an image of something very old, and that is certainly the case, as any piece that is classed as an “antique”, would have to be at least one hundred years old. Sourcing such items is not difficult when you buy from a reputable online jeweller, and with a wide range of unique antique rings, bracelets and necklaces, there is sure to be something that catches your eye. While the average person would use the term antique very liberally, if a jeweller labels a piece as antique, then you can be sure it is more than one century old. For more information on the definition of the word antique, there is a very informative guide on the topic that you can refer to.

Antique vs. Vintage vs. Estate Rings

02. Vintage Rings 

As the name suggests, vintage means old, but not more than 100 years, otherwise it would fall into the antique category, and should you be on the hunt for gorgeous vintage engagement rings, an online search is the best place to start your quest. The online jeweller would offer high quality authentic pieces at lower than retail prices, and there’s no easier way to browse than sitting at home. As a guideline, jewellery from the 1920s onwards would be classed as vintage, which would include the glitzy fifties and glamorous sixties, and would end with the 1980s and 90s, and anything after that would be classed as modern.

Antique vs. Vintage vs. Estate Rings

03. Estate Rings

You would be forgiven for thinking that an estate ring is a family heirloom that was handed down from generation to generation, yet the fact of the matter is, any item of jewellery that has had a previous owner is classified an “estate”. A majority of antique and vintage rings would also be estate pieces, and let’s not forget that the term also applies to real family heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Estate jewellery makes up a large portion of both antique and vintage items, and there are reputable online jewellers who have an extensive collection of quality rings for all occasions. If you would like a guide to investing in estate jewellery, there is a useful article with some important information you will need to know. 

Whatever your jewellery tastes, shopping online brings with it a new level of convenience, and with a certificate of authenticity and lower than retail prices, buying your jewellery online can save you both time and money. Shopping for rings or necklaces can take a lot of time, and one should resist the temptation to settle for something that almost ticks all the boxes, and with online browsing, you can view an extensive range of quality items before you finally see something perfect.

Which type of ring do you prefer? Antique, vintage or estate?
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