Severing The Disconnection With The Outdoors

Systematically we think of the home as a separate entity from the outdoors. Both the front and back garden are not connected to the home perse which creates a mental cut off point. Think about it, normally there are slabs of concrete in both gardens that act as pathways, but as soon as you open the door, you’re met with a mat and wooden flooring. This might be the look and feel some people want as they might not spend so much time in the garden anyway. But creating a smooth transition from outside to inside has its irreplaceable benefits.

For one, the home feels a lot larger as you’re using the natural light, flowing fresh air and foliage as an extension of the inside. Suddenly the normal parameters we’re so used to are being challenged. Think of it this way, to feel as if there is more space inside the home; you can use bright colours and a minimalist approach to decor. Now enlarge this philosophy and imply it to the gateway outdoors and indoors of your home.

Severing The Disconnection With The Outdoors

Continuity underneath your feet

Many gardens will have a hard surface that is immediately in front of the back door. This is due to the standard practice of home construction as this area is supposed to be used for activities such as dining outside. So if you’re looking to bring the outside a little bit indoors, consider the paving that leads up to the door itself. If the inside of your kitchen is stoning or perhaps a wooden floor, you can initiate this to be outside too. For example, if your kitchen floor is wooden, how about decking? Vice versa for stoning too as the rough cut large broken mosaic style is easy to transition to and from. So what if you have a patio you may ask? The simple answer is, perhaps you should consider replacing it with a better style and then consider what your options for creating a continuity effect might be.

Severing The Disconnection With The Outdoors

Natural light and fresh air

The rear of the home is naturally a place for the family to gather for meals, prepare and cook food and a place for the children to come play. Whether you have a lounge room, dining room or a toy room, the disconnection from the outside is a very conscious barrier. A large wall with hardly any natural sunlight makes you feel hemmed in as if the garden and home are in different subconscious dimensions. In the modern home, this simply shouldn’t exist. With bi-folding doors, this disconnection is evaporated. The style of the door is such that the large glass panels allow as much sunshine in as possible while maintaining structural integrity. When they open, there’s an 85% clearing with a low threshold for easy access. These kinds of doors are superb for when you’re having a barbecue outside and the kids and running around playing. On top of this, there’s a 10 year guarantee for the installation.

Severing The Disconnection With The Outdoors

We’re so used to behaving as if our homes are protection from nature. Indeed it’s right to be wary of the elements, but surely there shouldn’t be a barrier from your own garden. Man-made light will never surpass the beauty of sunshine, so glass doors are a definite option. A smooth transition from the inside to outside should feel like nothing has changed beneath your feet either.

Do you guys have any other tips for severing the disconnection with the outdoors?
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