6 Awesome Reasons To Go With Custom Engagement Rings

There are tons of reasons to choose a customized engagement ring for your loved one. It’s the 21st century and the days where it was all up to one person to choose the ring are behind us.

New times bring about new traditions and two partners customizing the engagement ring is now a thing. With so many rings on the market right now, it makes sense to some couples to create something completely unique and original to them.

Each individual and relationship is completely unique. So, this concept makes complete sense and can be very special. There are some great custom engagement rings from a UK jeweller out there.

6 Awesome Reasons To Go With Custom Engagement Rings

Finding the right one could mean the difference between you going down the old-school route or customizing your own. If you’re still sitting on the fence, here are some great reasons as to why you should create your own:

Hopefully, this list will be inspiring enough to contemplate the idea and start your own Pinterest board of ideas!

You are the boss

Engagement ring customization allows you to be in charge. The power being back in your hands means you can design the ring to your exact specifications. From aesthetics, right down to where the diamond comes from, you are in the driver’s seat. This means you can make it even more personal to you.

It’s important to know that every single ring setting and gemstone can be shaped and changed in so many different ways. The options are endless when it comes to customizing. You both end up with exactly what you want without having to spend too much.

Highly personalised

Nothing shouts personalisation and sentimental value more than something personalized. You can craft it in such a way it expresses your own relationship and the bond you share. If you shop around too, it’s not always as expensive as people presume.

Gets both parties involved

It’s a special time in your life and to share that with each other makes it even more special. Make the selection process even more memorable with customization and collaborate on something that you’ll wear the rest of your life.

You’ll feel more connected to it

The whole process is the opposite of choosing something off the shelf that you know several other people will have. You have the chance to create something that expresses and reflects your personality. This inspired and creative process just can’t be beaten!

You can then create something that matches

Matching rings is a great symbol of your partnership and love. It will come to stand for who you are as a couple and be a conversation starter that never gets old.

You can choose something truly unique

Customizing means you create a totally unique design that catches the eyes whilst reflecting your values. This is a special time for something you will wear for decades so it’s worth making it extra-special.

6 Awesome Reasons To Go With Custom Engagement Rings

We hope we’ve inspired you to think outside the box and consider the endless possibilities with customized engagement rings.

Would you consider customizing your engagement ring so you could have something unique to you?
Why not let me know in the comments below?
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  1. 05/01/2018 / 12:24 pm

    I think I would go for a customised engagement ring. Unique and one only. I suppose the costs would have to looked and if the worst happened, the ring was lost, how to replace.

  2. 05/01/2018 / 7:39 pm

    I like the idea of a customized ring. With so many options you can get something that really fits your personality. I also like the ethics of being able to decide where the diamond comes from.
    Tiffany recently posted…Dollar Store Homestead SuppliesMy Profile

  3. 05/01/2018 / 10:49 pm

    I love the idea of a customized engagement ring! It is such a special item and having it handpicked just for you and made unique to you and your love sounds sooooo romantic!
    Emily recently posted…Simple decorating ideasMy Profile

  4. 05/01/2018 / 10:55 pm

    My first engament ring was pretty unique, it was a round diamond in a tension setting. The diamond fell out once and I was terrified to wear it regularly after! I’m divorced now and I’d never want another diamond. I would love something pretty like an opal

  5. 06/01/2018 / 12:30 am

    My choice would be a customized engagement ring. It’s a special time in our lives and should be a memorable design.

  6. 06/01/2018 / 5:49 am

    How lovely and special and just in time as February is the month for love =) Like the idea to make it a personalized piece. Specially since that ring you wear forever. And could be inherited too.

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