5 Ways Your Mattress Might Affect Your Health

Getting a good night’s sleep is probably important to most of us, especially when you think about struggling through a Monday morning after a night of broken sleep! Many of us struggle to sleep properly through the night, thanks to factors including stress and even being disturbed by your partner. However, a lot of sleep problems can actually be down to the type of bed or mattress you have. This can have an effect on both your quality and quantity of sleep. So, if you’ve found that you aren’t sleeping very well on a regular basis, it could be time to invest in a new mattress!

The likes of Sealy mattresses or other leading manufacturers design and produce the right type of sleeping environment to help you if you can’t sleep. With years of research behind their products, it’s worth looking into leading brands before you decide on a new mattress for your home!

Whether you’re not sure what’s affecting your sleep, or you just want to learn a little bit more about why it’s important to have the right mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few ways that your mattress might be affecting your health.

5 Ways Your Mattress Might Affect Your Health

Old mattresses may increase your stress

It may sound strange, but sleeping on a poor quality mattress could actually make you more stressed day-to-day. We know that being stressed can cause you to lose sleep, but this concept is proposing the opposite.

In 2015, the US National Sleep Foundation carried out in a study that tested the idea that poor sleep contributes to stress, instead of the usual assumption that stress creates poor sleep.

The study revealed that those sleeping on a new mattress had lower stress levels, because they had better sleep quality and back and neck pain was reduced too.

Mattresses can cause allergies

If you’ve had your mattress for some time, it may have become home to dust mites; something that you could be allergic to. Not everyone is, but if you start to experience a runny nose, store throat or you sneeze a lot in bed, then you could be allergic to your mattress. It can also be a problem for those who suffer from asthma.

Washing your bedding regularly can help, but sooner or later you will have to replace your mattress completely. Buying a mattress that is designed with hypoallergenic features. Sealy mattresses offer Smart Fibres, using Purotex that has been endorsed by Allergy UK for the elimination of dust mites.

Firm, medium or soft

The firmness or softness of your mattress is completely subjective; what feels soft to one person might not feel so great to someone else. With that in mind, there’s a chance that you bought the wrong type of mattress because you listened to someone else’s advice. This can add to joint or back problems in the night, and might even affect your posture in the long run.

Make sure you test a new mattress for a good 15-20 minutes before buying; everyone needs a different level of support and you’ll know after this time frame if the mattress is right for you.

Preparing for sleep

An old mattress will likely cause tossing and turning in the night. If you have trouble falling asleep, or feel very tired when you wake up, it’s thanks to the quality of your mattress. A common occurrence is when your brain is ready to sleep, but your body isn’t quite there.

An old mattress can have a detrimental effect on how well you sleep; if you sleep better when you’re away from home, this is a huge sign to change your mattress. You should also consider introducing exercise into your evening routine, even if it’s a light walk. This can help you to fall asleep easier.

Old mattresses can affect your diet

Lack of sleep often results in unhealthy cravings for high-fat, high-carb food. It’s not uncommon to hear that sleep is an important part of a healthy routine; adequate sleep can actually help if you’re on a weight loss programme.

Sleep loss has been shown to stimulate your appetite, so you naturally eat more if you haven’t slept very well. In other words, investing in a new mattress can help you to stay on track!

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  1. 19/12/2017 / 9:19 pm

    That’s so interesting, I’ve never thought before about how my mattress could be impacting my sleeping pattern. I’ve always struggled to sleep and this may be why. Thank you!
    Courtney xx

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