A Woman’s Home Is Her Castle, So Protect It From The Elements

If you’ve been keeping up with an incredibly popular television drama over the last few years, you may have become familiar with the phrase ‘winter is coming.’ This is all very well when you’re being entertained in a fantasy land, but that can unfortunately make you absent-minded about the fact that winter is actually coming, here, in the real world. For some of us, that means frantic festive preparation, saving and shopping at the best prices possible.

It’s likely that in all of the commotion, you may ignore one of the most important things to get right. Of course, we are principally speaking about your home, and what you must do to set up your beautiful space for the cold winter months. If your home is figuratively a winter castle to protect against the elements and everything the longer, darker nights can bring up, then it’s important to understand your maintenance responsibilities. This way, your castle can help you stay warm and comfortable despite the outside conditions.

A Woman's Home Is Her Castle, So Protect It From The Elements

I’d like to offer you some wonderful housekeeping tips to help you with this. No matter how harsh the winter, how difficult the long nights, or how many fantasy creatures come to invade, your home will stay a bastion of warmth and comfort.

Draft Excluder

No matter how much we heat our property, we can often lose heat in the smallest of ways. This literally translates to you losing the money you are heating your home with, so it’s important to take care and make sure the heat stays where it should be, in your home. This can be as simple as placing down draft excluders under the frame of the doors leading outside, back and front.

Make sure that any window spaces that could do with resealing are applied with accurate silicon, and make sure the roofing felt in your attic is up to date. Make sure you upgrade any materials that may have gone neglected until now, because long term they will save you money, and short-term they will help you protect against the harshest of weather conditions, no matter what those may be.


Continuing the theme of correct heating, you will surely have trouble equipping your home for the coldest days if you aren’t able to adjust the thermostat correctly. Installing one which is available for programming can help you adjust the temperature of your house when you’re not in. This way, your morning ritual can be heated, but your days away at the office or away in the evening can be considered, saving you money in heating costs. If you have pets, heating the property intermittently could be worthwhile for their comfort, and so programming these times is worthwhile. This can save you money year round, but especially in the winter.

Salt the Path

Purchase some correct ice grit and liberally sprinkle it around your property in the morning. If you have long patio paths or slabs, they are likely to become iced. Every morning, before your children or family members walk on it, then apply this to add grip and general safety to each footstep they take. This can help prevent a nasty fall or trip which can turn into a very harrowing (and inconvenient) trip to the medical room.


Winter is a strange period. Moisture will freeze, thaw and back again sometimes many times in the same day. For this reason, water damage abounds in these conditions, especially in these hard to reach spaces you often don’t think about. If you have pipes that are liable to freezing, consider improving the insulation around them, or simply run water at intermittent periods, as the movement of water itself can prevent it from freezing.

Also, consider underneath your house, in primarily the basement. Any run off liquid is likely to find its way down here through any form of crack that allows water to get through. It doesn’t take much of a pathway for water to follow before you have a real problem on your hands. For this reason, hiring the services of basement waterproofing contractors can help you preemptively protect your home from water damage. This might help you avoid hundreds or thousands in costly repairs, so it’s worth at least getting a specialist in to assess your situation.


Remember, the dark nights will bring with them limited visibility. When you’re returning from work after 5pm, the nights are likely to be pitch black. You may benefit from street lighting in an urban environment, but if you live anywhere more rural your driveway may become hard to see, and dangerous to drive around.

Not only that, but even in urban properties lighting may not penetrate ways of access to your home, and that is the perfect place for thieves to hide. Install some form of floodlighting in your yard and out front when your car approaches, as well as reflective or lamp lights on the walls of your driveway. Not only can this prevent nasty accidents, but it will help you protect the security of your home tenfold. 

With these tips, your home will go from quaint three bedroom townhouse, or beautiful rural cottage to a fortress, ready to take on anything winter throws its way.

Do you have any other tips for protecting your home from the elements?
Why not let me know in the comments below.
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