Self-hypnosis: a Simple Means from Stress and Depression

When you think about hypnosis, you come inevitably across a lot of fictions and speculations. Probably, you imagine a swindler, who, with the help of a pocket watch, hypnotizes at once many volunteers who tell the crowd their secrets. Fortunately, real hypnosis has little to do with all these pop culture stereotypes that are taken from serials, movies, and TV shows.

In fact, self-hypnosis is a process much less enigmatic and much more approachable than you thought before, forget about self-hypnosis anxiety. Self-hypnosis is a very safe and, more importantly, extremely effective means of relaxing and dealing with stress. Every typical Russian girl knows about this method!

You will not do things that you don’t want to do.

Maybe no other psychological reception to relieve stress is perceived so false as hypnosis. There are some things that you should know.

  • You’re not sleeping.
  • You’re conscious.
  • You don’t lose control and are not under anybody’s spell.
  • You will not do what you do not want to do.

Does self-hypnosis work? To make hypnosis work, it’s important to forget about your critical attitude and stop fighting the process. You need just to succumb to it. If you stand on your absolute skepticism, then no one of the self-hypnosis techniques will help you and the “miracle” will not happen. You need to open your mind.

A light trance is the first stage of a self-hypnosis.

  1. Find a comfortable place in a quiet and dark room. Relax as much as you can. Your clothes should not prevent your further relaxation.
  2. Find some object on which you can focus. It can be anything: a spot on the wall or on the picture, a candle. Choose something that is in the line of your sight, anyway, you should not strain your eyes.
  3. Do not say anything but think to yourself that your eyelids are getting heavier with every second. You should feel that. Repeat this thought every minute.
  4. Focus on your own eyelids. You will feel soon that they will really become heavy. The feeling of this weight will deepen with the time. Close your eyes at the moment when you feel that you cannot keep your eyes open.
  5. When your eyes are closed, let yourself relax. Take a deep breath and hold it for 11 seconds. Exhale slowly the air through the lips. Tides of heat and heaviness will begin to spread from the head to the toes. Keep breathing slowly, try to enter a state of deep peace, a trance is reached.


When you get a light trance, it’s time to move on to a deeper state, to self-hypnosis itself.

  1. Take a deep breath and hold it for about 12 seconds. Exhale slowly. Try to breathe deeper with each breath, so the brain is saturated with oxygen.
  2. Imagine that you go to an escalator, very long and slow, that will take your mind straight to the subconscious. You start your descent and the lower you descend, the more relaxed you are. Each time when you breathe out, count from 12 to 1.
  3. When you get to the bottom of the escalator, imagine that it suddenly continues in infinity. A deep state of consciousness begins, to which you should go until you feel absolute relaxation. It is difficult to reach this feeling alone, but you will succeed with practice.
  4. Absolute relaxation is the “platform” for hypnosis. If you are able to control consciousness, then with the help of hypnosis you can understand your inner contradictions. But, most often, in the absence of a hypnotist (the voice from outside), people go back into a deep slumber. However, when you open your eyes, you will feel not only physically vigorous but also morally rested. Excellent practice for those who cannot cope with the crazy rhythm of the city and need self-hypnosis for sleep.

Have you ever practiced self-hypnosis?
Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.
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  1. 24/01/2018 / 2:35 am

    I love this!! Its too true hypnosis is such an amazing feel good tool that most of us don’t use enough! I did hypnobirthing with hypnobirthing journey and I found it AMAZING so also got their new Mum audio and it takes me back to relaxation mode when looking after my little girl. I think she find it relaxing too (although she can’t understand it yet!) 🙂

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