Tricks for Taking Your Luxury Bath to the Next Level

Bath time is one of those occasions where you can truly let go of the stresses of day to day life, unwind, and get lost in bliss and comfort for a short time. There’s a reason why the image of a woman relaxing in a bathtub after a hard day’s work is a staple of so many films, adverts, and TV series.

Of course, it doesn’t take much effort to enjoy a bath, just sitting in the hot water is enough to help you begin de-stressing. If you really want to take your bathroom relaxation to the next level, however, take note of these tips.

Tricks for Taking Your Luxury Bath to the Next Level

Get a Bigger Tub

Bathrooms basically become more comfortable and luxurious the bigger they get. It may not be true for everything in life, but it applies here.

Fully kitted out bathroom suites are simply more relaxing than micro-bathrooms, and soaking in a bigger tub is simply more luxurious than soaking in a smaller one.

If you really want to make bath time a central, relaxing feature of your day-to-day life — a kind of meditation, if you will — it’s well worth your time investigating the costs and logistics of getting a larger, more specialist tub installed, whether it be a jacuzzi, or something else.

If having a more serious bathtub fitted in your home isn’t on the cards, don’t despair. It’s still fully possible to enjoy many a relaxing soak. But still, it’s a nice feature to have.

Tricks for Taking Your Luxury Bath to the Next Level

Bring some music or audiobooks along

If you’re planning to relax in your bath for an extended period of time, you might find that, although the water is still deliciously relaxing, you get bored after a while and need to get out early just to stop feeling like you’re wasting time or like your mind’s wandering too much.

Audiobooks can be the perfect fix here, and with the rise of cloud-based audiobook providers such as Audible, you can enjoy a whole array of great literary titles played directly through the phone app. No need to risk your life by running an extension cable into the bathroom to power your sound system. (In fact, please don’t do that).

Audiobooks are the grown up equivalent to a kid’s bedtime stories. While washing, or simply relaxing with your eyes closed, you can explore fantastical worlds or learn more about science, history, or culture, courtesy of an army of expert narrators.

Just don’t fall asleep.

Tricks for Taking Your Luxury Bath to the Next Level

Get Holistic

The idea behind holistic health is that you treat the body, mind, and soul as interconnected parts of a system, and do things which are good for all of them at once, all framed in a natural context.

Many luxury bath goods, ranging from bath salts to essential oils, do a great job of passing on holistic benefits, with bath salts helping to replace lost minerals in the body, while various essential oils and herbal extracts can relieve sinus congestion, and tackle bacteria, all while leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed and at peace.

Tricks for Taking Your Luxury Bath to the Next Level

Do you guys like to take a nice long bath to relax and de-stress?
I know I certainly do!
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  1. 24/11/2017 / 2:45 pm

    With three children, they always seem to be in the bath more than I do… When I do get the chance to get into what they call “their bathroom” (we have a shower ensuite, it’s not like I don’t wash or anything! :D), it’s a true luxury to have a nice bath. I love Rituals for their bathfoam, and I always listen to a podcast or two while I am soaking! Audiobooks are a great idea! 😀
    Emma Raphael recently posted…Nationalparkwelten Museum – Mittersill AustriaMy Profile

  2. 24/11/2017 / 2:51 pm

    I completely agree that bigger is better when it comes to bathrooms! I’m currently lusting after a waterproof speaker to be able to listen to the radio in the shower / music in the bath.
    Colette recently posted…A Tale of Teachers PastMy Profile

  3. 27/11/2017 / 2:38 pm

    I love my waterproof Bluetooth speaker. I am able to listen to a book or music while in the shower. I use to take baths as a teen but since being diagnosed with MS getting in and out of the tub is too hard.
    Rebecca Bryant recently posted…Bookshelf: 30 Days to JoyMy Profile

  4. 27/11/2017 / 5:09 pm

    It is my absolute dream to have a huge suite bathroom. Bath time is my time and the source of my calm. Until I can afford the huge soaking tub, I love adding oils, music, and the occasional glass of wine to make the most of this special time.

    I think I might try the audiobook idea.
    Star Traci recently posted…Let Your Tacos Sail Away with Old El Paso Taco BoatsMy Profile

  5. 27/11/2017 / 6:37 pm

    I absolutely love taking a bath, but I’ve never thought of an audiobook. What a great idea! And now the plan my next date with the tub.
    Cathy recently posted…Take More PhotosMy Profile

  6. Rhonda
    27/11/2017 / 7:35 pm

    Honestly I haven’t in almost 7 yrs. When we built our new house, we were trying to think of this as our retirement home (many yrs from now) and didn’t have a tub put in. We only have a walk in shower. At times I really wish we would have also done a tub. Thanks for sharing those tips!

  7. 27/11/2017 / 7:43 pm

    Though I know how much a bath helps to relax me, I never manage to make the time to take one. That changes today! Especially with the cold months ahead, I’m looking forward to a warm ending to the grey days. Thanks for the reminder and the tips!

  8. reesa
    27/11/2017 / 10:08 pm

    I love using essential oils for relaxing. Never thought to put them in my bath!

  9. 28/11/2017 / 12:28 am

    I have always wanted a big soaker tub! I think the idea of relaxing after a long day in it sounds amazing. I never thought about listening to an audio book, that is a great idea!

  10. Dawn Nieves
    28/11/2017 / 1:04 am

    Can I just tell you I took a bath for the first time in years a few weeks ago and I can’t believe I don’t do this regularly! It was soooooo relaxing! I definitely need to do it more and I love the idea of an audiobook!

  11. 28/11/2017 / 4:16 am

    I dream of one day having a luxury bathroom with a big, soaking tub. Until then I just have to make do with a small bathroom and shower. I do love traveling though because then I get to enjoy a wonderful bath and relax!
    Alicia recently posted…Chicago Staycation With The Family At Radisson Blu AquaMy Profile

  12. 28/11/2017 / 9:23 pm

    We’re hoping to redo our master bathroom soon, so these tips come right on time. Thanks for sharing!

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