From Moscow to China – Experience the Wonders of Asia

Despite continued global development, there is still much for the western person to explore in parts of Asia, and with the fall of the Soviet Union came the opening of a gateway that spans two continents, and this region is best experienced with a Trans-Siberian railway tour. Starting out in Moscow, the Russian capital that holds a wealth of stunning architecture and a unique culture, you can travel eastwards into another world. If you have never considered spending your valuable downtime exploring the border regions of Europe and Asia, here are just a few of the gems to be uncovered by the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Trans-Siberian Railway


This iconic city has much to offer the western tourist, and its long and colourful history is reflected in the stunning architecture within this fascinating city. It is worth spending at least 3 days in Moscow, before preparing yourself to be transported in a remote and beautiful world, as you experience the Trans-Siberian Railway. For those who would like to really immerse themselves in this magical environment, there are tried and trusted Trans Siberian railway tours that can be booked online. Also, the Internet can help you to learn about this unique part of the world that has remained pristine for thousands of years.

Ural Mountain Range


This is the first stop when you head eastwards out of Moscow, and it is here you will say goodbye to Europe as you enter the spectacular Ural Mountain range. Summer activities include hiking through the lush forests and in the winter you can experience Siberian Husky sleds and go ice fishing. If you would like to know how others felt when they took this route, there is an interesting account of a Trans-Siberian train journey from one online traveler, which will certainly enlighten you a little.

Ulan Ude Monastry

Ulan Ude

This ancient city is the capital of Buryatia, which is set in the very heart of the expansive Siberian steppes, and in some ways, is unlike any other stop on the route. If you would like to see how the Buddhist religion is practiced in this region, there are many monasteries full of classic Mongolian cultural relics.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

This wonder of the world is a testament to the determination of the people, the wall was constructed to keep out hostile raiders from the north and took almost 2,000 years to complete. This is the longest man made structure ever created and some of the views are simply stunning, and no trip to this part of the world would be complete without a visit to The Great Wall of China.

Only the very brave would attempt this trip without using a tour operator, and for good reason, with distinct language problems, along with many other tourists, all trying to book tours. There are online experts who offer an extensive range of short or long tours along the Trans-Siberian Railway, and it pays to do some browsing before making a booking, as there are many short tours that can be incorporated into a 2 or 3 week holiday.

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