Clever And Space Friendly Ideas For You To Add To Your Home

When you live in a property that’s rather small, it can be difficult to find space for everything you own alongside keeping it clean and tidy. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can utilize your living space so that you can store everything away and still have a nice and tidy home. This article is going to give you some clever and space friendly ideas for you to add to your small home. I hope you enjoy it.

Clever And Space Friendly Ideas For You To Add To Your Home

Use shoe holders

Shoe holders can be used for much more than simply keeping your shoes neat and tidy. Many people have discovered that hanging shoe holders on the back of cupboard doors allows them to store many more things in their cupboards than they did before. Things like cleaning products, makeup, hair dryers, pot and pan lids are all great examples of what you can store in them. They are really inexpensive to buy and are super easy to install to the back of a cupboard. Consider this trick to utilize your cupboard space.

Make use of the space by your windows

If you’re lucky enough to have a property with a bay window, you could really make use of the space well to create extra storage, and also a cute seating area to enjoy a good book on. Build your own ottoman underneath the window ledge and then make a seat using upholstery foam and some material on the lid of the ottoman. This will allow you to store many different things out of sight and create a lovely seating addition to your home.

Utilize the space above your head

It’s no secret that pretty much all of our belongings are stored below eye level, but why should it stop there? Putting up shelves higher than your head in your home will allow you to store things like books, DVDs, CDs, games and ornaments. They are a great way of taking away some of the clutter from down below and neatly storing them above head height.


Sometimes all our homes need is a good de-cluttering. It’s likely that you’ve got many belongings that you won’t use again. Why not gather everything that you no longer need or want and either sell it or take it to a charity shop? De-cluttering alone will make the world of difference.

Build storage

So you might not be able to fit a wardrobe into your bedroom due to lack of floor space, but you could custom build one to work for what you need. Mounting it on the wall and again using space above your head will allow you to build storage to suit your every need. Get creative with different materials and see what you can make!

Try these ideas in your small home and you will soon begin to notice how much more space you have and how much nicer your home looks and feels. Remember that all space including above your head should be used!

Do you have any other clever and space friendly ideas to share with us?
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