Dealing With Big Living Spaces: Bathrooms

If you’re into home interior, you would have probably noticed that most of the helpful articles on decoration tend to refer to small living spaces. From how to make the most of a small house to how to add storage facilities in your house, Britons are obsessed with tiny living spaces. But as the UK has the smallest homes in Europe, it’s no wonder that we’re all so focused on maximising a shoebox home. Needless to say that most families know of the 2.5 bedroom house that is sold as a 3-bedroom place but yet doesn’t let you put anything but a tiny single bed in the third room. However, what happens if you’re lucky enough to have found the perfect home with plenty of living space?

The online resources to guide you through the decor of large rooms are limited – more importantly, the ones you can find tend to be designed for millionaires who live in a manor house, so they’re no use to you. As a general rule of the thumb, decorating a large bedroom or kitchen is relatively easy. You can combine large furniture pieces – namely a king size bed or a long dinner table – with artsy items to fill the space. But how do you deal with a room that by definition doesn’t need much furniture, such as a large bathroom? Here are a few ideas to help you transform a cavernous bathroom into a trendy and elegant room.

Dealing With Big Living Spaces: Bathrooms

Maximise the bath and shower areas

A bathroom is not the kind of room that you can fill with extra pieces of furniture. In fact, except from adding a chair, you’re pretty limited in the furniture department. But do you know what else a bathroom has that can help you to divide the space? Appliances, such as a bathtub or a shower. Instead of using the typical corner shower, you can use one of these Drench’s walk-in enclosures that can completely transform the room. A walk-in shower is not only elegant but it also ideal to make the most of the available space. Additionally, you can also add a standing tub: there’s nothing like the centre of the room for dramatic effect! When you begin to consider your appliances as elements of your decor instead of facilities, you can start being playful with your design settings. Don’t push the shower in the corner of the room: position it proudly in the middle, for instance.

Get rid of that extra humidity 

Every bathroom needs adequate ventilation that is suited to its size. Of course, keeping the window open after a warm bath can help to refresh the room and reduce the presence of humidity. But you also need to add a bathroom fan to draw out humidity, smells and air pollutants. If you’ve chosen a fan that isn’t suited for a large bathroom, it’s likely that you will rapidly struggle with mould growth and cracked paint. There’s an easy way to make sure that you’ve got the right ventilation system: use the following formula to figure out the ideal CFM (cubic feet per minute): Bathroom length x width x height x.13 = minimum CFM.

Give it a personality

In the end, a large bathroom can feel dull if you only focus on its functions and forget the decor. If you want to fill up the space without cluttering the room, you can add houseplants that will thrive in the humidity of the room. Aloe vera, for instance, has such low water requirement that the humidity in the bathroom might meet most of its water needs. Bamboo can help to divide the room elegantly while purifying the air. If you need more colours, why not paint the bathroom’s walls? You’d be surprised to know that most homeowners keep their bathroom white – or magnolia as it happens. Nothing stops you from being creative with trendy colours. Soft taupe and ash grey are favourites, especially when combined with golden and white appliances. Want something more exciting? Try seafoam green or sky blue!

Don’t clutter the space

Yes, it’s a big room. But it doesn’t mean that you should fill it up with all the things you can find. Embrace the space and avoid unwanted clutter instead. There’s no need for more beauty products than you have, or for a second bathroom cabinet. Keeping your bathroom belongings to what is strictly necessary will add clarity to the room. Instead, invest in a storage unit that can keep your towels, products and gadgets out of sight.

In conclusion, a large bathroom is an ode to living space and functionality. Investing in the right appliances and furniture, combined with a touch of stylish decoration, is key to the creation of a bathroom you’ll love to use!

Do you have any other tips for dealing with a large bathroom?
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