Spruce Up Your Kitchen In 8 Steps

Fancy a bit of DIY this weekend? Why not have a look at your kitchen and see what you can spruce up? The kitchen is the heart of the home and is where you spend a lot of your time, particularly if you hold you dining in their too. There are some great ways you can quickly spruce up your kitchen this weekend and make it look and feel brand new.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen In 8 Steps

01. Paint the Walls

If you feel like your kitchen needs some serious livening up in a short space of time; the easiest thing to do is to buy a tin of paint and brighten up your walls. After a while, if you have white walls particularly, constant heat, steam and food floating around the room can leave stains on your walls and make the white less, well, white. A guaranteed way to make your kitchen feel and look better is to freshen up the paintwork.

02. Bring The Outside In

Flowers and plants can make any dull room spring to life. If you aren’t a dab hand with gardening or don’t possess green fingers, you can opt for placing a vase of shop bought flowers in the room to brighten the space or sticking to succulents. If you are a little more adventurous, you could try to create your own herb garden in the kitchen.

03. Accessorize

The small things which can make a kitchen look great are things like oven gloves, tea towels and pieces of art. Make the most of colour to spice up the room.

04. Refresh The Sink and Taps

For a more practical approach to your refurb, consider looking on a site such as tapwarehouse.com for a new kitchen sink and faucet. You can buy a range of styles and materials to fit your style and it will act as a huge feature in your kitchen.

05. Hang Your Pans

If you’ve recently treated yourself to a lovely set of copper pans, don’t hide them away! If you have an island in your kitchen you can hang the pans above it for a bold feature in the room, or instead hang them against a wall for a subtler effect.

06. Replace Your Worktops

If you are tired of the plastic coated worktops you currently have in your kitchen, consider investing in some new countertops to revamp your space entirely. You could go for a wood effect and make your home feel like a country cottage, or opt for granite or marble for a luxurious feel.

07. Update The Floor

You might be forgiven for forgetting about your floors, but actually it can make a massive impact on the overall feel of your room. A good quality wood floor can make your home feel much more new and luxurious than simply having vinyl or tiled floors.

08. Innovative Storage

The ugliest part of your kitchen can often be the bins you leave in the corner of the room or on your worktops. Instead of this, think about setting aside one of your cupboards and installing sliding drawers to house your bins, so that you can dispose of your rubbish without it being visible in the room.

Do you have any other suggestions for sprucing up your kitchen?
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