Top Ways To Personalise Your Work Space

We probably spend more time sitting at our desks than we do anywhere else. Therefore it is essential that our work space is a place that makes us feel relaxed, comfortable and productive. Whether you work in a shared office or whether you work from home, follow our top tips on how to personalise your work area to ensure it is a space you enjoy being in on a daily basis.

Top Ways To Personalise Your Work Space

First Things First – Get Organised 

Before we start any home or office decor project we must always start with a good sort out. No area or space is going to look at its best whilst it is cluttered and untidy. So spend a good hour or two going through all your paperwork and office items until you are just left with what you need and your space is looking clean, organised and decluttered.

Personalise Your Laptop or Computer

As our computers are probably the office item that we spend most of our time looking at it is important that they are looking their best. These are also items that are really easy to personalise and make them your own. There are a huge range of laptop and computer covers that you can use to not only make them look fantastic but also to protect them. You can also personalise your computer by selecting great photos as your screensaver so that you can always see images of a memory or person that makes you feel positive and happy.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers instantly lift any space and room, so if you feel that sometimes your office looks a little bleak then why not treat yourself to some beautiful and fragrant flowers that will lift the space whilst also lifting your mood.


Sometimes it is difficult to believe that not everyone is obsessed with gorgeous stationery. But apparently, it’s true, my obsession is not universal. However, when looking to personalise your office space, investing in lovely looking stationery is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to achieve just that. Just having attractive and coordinated stationery can instantly make your desk look chic, organised and stylish.


There is no better way of personalising our desks than with photos of our loved ones. So whether you want to opt for a stylish range of white picture frames to adorn your desk or whether you want to create a moodboard of a wide variety of different photos, adding pictures to your desk is a top way to really make the space your own.

Inspiration Board

There are many big players in the business world that believe in the power of inspiration boards. An inspiration board can be created by using images, words, colours and anything that keeps you focused on the goals that you are working towards. They can be a strong visual reminder of the important things that keep us motivated, positive and happy. So building up your very own inspiration board will not only keep you moving in the right direction but will also add an interesting and attractive new addition to your brand, new, personalised workspace.

Do you have any other tips for personalising your work space?
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