Why a Good Tidy up Will Make You Love Your Home Again

Sooner or later you might find yourself feeling pretty fed up with the state of your living space. Sure, it’s still home – and it’s a cosy enough place to sleep or to enjoy a Netflix binge – but it’s also a complete, chaotic mess.

If you’ve ended up in the unfortunate situation of having a home full of clutter and ruled by mayhem, here are a few reasons why a good tidy up might be just what the doctor ordered.

Why a Good Tidy up Will Make You Love Your Home Again

It’ll turn your home into a restful place 

Mess and clutter create stress, even just subconsciously. There’s a constant low-level anxiety that hangs around when we don’t really have control over our home — and it subconsciously communicates a bunch of negative messages to us that we don’t have control over our lives, either.

By stepping up, biting the bullet, and embarking on a major tidy-up operation, we don’t just get to rediscover the colour of carpets once more, we turn our home into a much more restful, uplifting place to be.

Needless to say, it’s easier to love a place that makes us feel good than one which makes us feel perpetually stressed.

It’ll help you feel more in control of your life overall

To feel in control of our lives, we need to first feel in control of our immediate environment. It’s a well known idea that having a messy desk at work leads to a chaotic and unproductive mindset, and we know that it’s meant to be good to encourage children to tidy up their rooms and make their beds in the morning. 

The underlying point to all of this is that our surroundings, and the ways we interact with them, have a profound effect on our thoughts and feelings.

Organising your home will also have a strong effect in organising your mind, which in turn will make you feel more like keeping your home in order, and so on. By tidying your house you’ll contribute to a positive feedback loop of feeling, and being, in control.

It’ll create space for new possessions

Ever fallen in love with a new piece of furniture or decoration, but didn’t buy it because you didn’t have room? Perhaps you’d typed in the following URL; https://www.shiply.com/large-item-delivery/ and were about to book your Shiply delivery, but felt it would just be a waste to spend the money on something so nice, for such a messy home?

Tidying up and getting rid of the things you no longer want gives you the space, and the excuse, to buy some new things that you’ve had your eye on for a while.

It’ll make you happy to invite people over

A messy home can often cause you to feel deeply embarrassed about the very idea of letting anyone else in to bear witness to the chaos. You might miss out on good parties, movie nights, and barbecues that you could otherwise have enjoyed, if you hadn’t been hung up on how messy things were.

A simple tidy up can change all that. It may even improve your social life.

Do you guys have any tips for de-cluttering a messy house?
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  1. 14/10/2017 / 9:11 pm

    Decluttering always does my mind wonders, though it’s a huge task! Usually I find disposing of the stuff more difficult than actually sorting things to get rid of!

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