4 Home DIY’s I Didn’t Know I Could Do!

I have to admit that I’ve never really been one for doing DIY. I’ve always preferred to pay a professional to come in and do any jobs that I needed doing instead. But then my friend Jo told me how much money I could save by learning to do things myself instead. And as she’s a bit of a DIY expert she agreed to teach me some of the basics.

For today’s post, I thought I would do something a little bit different, and tell you what things I’ve been learning. So the next time you see one of my home improvement posts, you’ll know that I actually did some of the DIY myself for once! I hope you guys enjoy it.

4 Home DIY's I Didn't Know I Could Do


So, you might remember that I recently mentioned that the decor in my bedroom had started to look a bit old and worn. And after putting together a wishlist of items I’d love to update it with, I found myself itching to get started on smartening it up a bit. The first thing I decided to do was paint the walls. And although I had done a little bit of painting in the past, I’d never done a whole room before!

Jo taught me about all the different types of paint, and which ones worked best on what types of surfaces, such as satin for the walls, gloss for the skirting boards etc. And it wasn’t long before I found myself wandering up and down the paint aisles of my local B&Q searching for the perfect shades to paint my bedroom in. We then spent a weekend painting the room while listening to cheesy 90’s pop and catching up with the latest gossip. It was fab! 


Next, I decided that I was finally going to put the pirate-themed wallpaper I’d bought for Oscar’s bedroom on the walls. It had been sat in the cupboard for well over a year waiting for me to finally get around to ringing the decorator. But again, Jo assured me that wallpapering was actually quite easy, and suggested that I give it a go myself. I have to admit that I thought she was mental at first, but I’m glad she pushed me to give it a go as I found it so therapeutic!

I learned that I needed to check all my rolls of wallpaper had the same batch number, as sometimes they are sold in different finishes, or have a slightly different pattern. I also learned how to measure and cut the paper, before applying the adhesive and hanging it on the wall. I did find hanging it a little tricky, as I have scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) and it occasionally led to me trying to hang it at an angle. But with Jo’s supervision, I finally got there, and I’m hoping to write up a room tour in the next month or two so I can show off my fantastic wallpapering skills! Hehe.


It’s a well-known fact that flat-pack furniture and I don’t really get on. The last time I tried to put something together by myself I ended up accidentally slicing my finger open. And as someone who is super squeamish, I didn’t find it a very pleasant experience! But, somehow or other, Jo managed to persuade me to give it another go. And I’m glad she did as I managed to assemble some of my new bedroom furniture with little to no help. And believe me, that’s a big step for me. I usually give up pretty quickly and get someone else to do it!

Anyway, it was while we were assembling some of my nice new flat-pack furniture that Jo introduced me to power tools. And I can’t believe I’ve never used them before. They make assembling stuff so much easier! The main power tool we used for putting my furniture together was an electric drill. We used it in place of a screwdriver, and it took loads less time to get all those little screws into place than it usually does. It really goes to show that if you have the right tools for the job, you can do it so much quicker and easier than you can if you don’t! 


I can’t believe I’m admitting this last thing here on my blog where the whole world can see it. But up until recently, I’d never changed a light bulb in a ceiling light. I’ve happily changed them in table lamps, as I can reach them with ease. But I’ve always been too scared to climb a ladder to change the ones in my ceiling lights!

Anyway, one of my bulbs popped while Jo and I were painting my bedroom, and I was going to get Nathan to change it for me, but (shock horror) she insisted that I do it myself. She made sure that I stood on the sturdiest ladder we own, and then she talked me through the 4-to-1 method of using a ladder. This basically means that for every four feet of height you have to climb, you need to move the base one foot away from the wall. As my ceiling lights are quite close to the walls, I found this method incredibly useful, and I think it will help me when I next need to clean my windows, as I usually hate climbing to do those as well!

And there you have it, the 4 home DIY’s I didn’t know I could do. I’m so glad I’ve finally learned though. It will make life so much easier in the future as I won’t have to rely on other people coming round to help me. It feels so good learning something new, and I can’t wait for Jo to show me some other stuff next time she calls round. But if you know her, don’t tell her I said that!

Are you any good at home DIY?
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Thanks for reading guys.
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