How To Create An Eco-House By Properly Utilizing Your Backyard

Eco-houses may sound like a sci-fi concept to some, but let me assure you, they are not.

Eco solutions are already among us and we are able to do so much by implementing them. Instead of relying on local government and depleting resources, we can generate electricity, harness water, and grow our own food without anyone’s help.

This is an amazing concept and it will go a long way for the planet as a whole. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if such eco solution become mandatory in the future.

Here are some of them and how to properly implement them.

How To Create An Eco-House By Properly Utilizing Your Backyard

1. Electricity Generation

Nowadays, numerous governments are giving subsidies to homeowners if they start producing their own electric energy. This is to be expected giving that it becomes harder supporting ever growing global population. We constantly use resources for this or that and it can become a real burden over time.

Two best ways to approach the issue is by either installing solar panels or windmills.

Both of these were really expensive when they first appeared but today you can get them for a reasonable price.

When it comes to solar panels, it is best to put them on roof. However, some people (especially those who are into agriculture) need more than just a few of them. This is why they start installing the in backyard. Just make sure they get enough sunlight!

Windmills are the secondary approach. Bear in mind that I’m not talking about old rustic    windmills. No, I’m talking about their modern counterpart. These windmills are used for power generation. Of course, you can see their bigger versions all over the place. Smaller ones can be used within a backyard.

Same as with panels, make sure you have enough space and that you can get enough wind during the year.

2. Water Collection

So much can be said about water collection. It is not a new concept but it has definitely progressed over time. Nowadays, you can choose between several solutions such as storm water pits, water barrels and water tanks.

Pits and barrels are as old as houses. They can be easily installed and require minimum space. But, their use is also limited; you can only use them for gardening and washing car. Anyway, this is more than enough for certain households.

Next on the list are water tanks. They are much bigger than barrels and represent a serious system. Tanks are connected to a pump. There is also a filter within system which further processes the water. With water pump, rainwater is pushed to pipes and then straight to home. Given that it has already been filtered you can use it for drinking and washing yourself. Additionally, you can also connect it to a boiler so you get hot water.

A trustworthy solution when it comes to water pumps are Davey pumps which can handle even the most unexpected of conditions in their range.

3. Gardening

Planting fruits and vegetables is a must for every serious eco-oriented homeowner. Here are some great tips from Danny Lipford, his video is quite useful.

When I mention gardening I’m of course not referring to flower. Instead, I am talking about fruits and vegetables. As global population grows we will be forced to turn to homegrown species.

Just make sure that your soil is well-suited and you can start planting your own species. On top of it, this can serve as a good exercise.

Having your own fruits and vegetables means that you can always be certain that the food you’re eating is of highest quality. You can also save a lot of money in the process.

If needed, you can also create a separate area where you will dispose of organic matters. Here, matters can decompose and create fertilizer for the garden. This way you can even skip purchasing chemical products.

Do you have any other tips to create an eco-house using your backyard?
If so, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading guys.
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  2. 26/05/2017 / 12:52 am

    I love to garden but usually plant flowers just because I like to see the colors. This year I am contemplating planting some veggies for freshness more than savings. Great tips.

  3. 27/05/2017 / 1:28 am

    I didn’t realize I had an eco house until I read this. We bought our house 3 years ago and we garden every year. We’ve not collected rain water yet, but my husband has talked about it a lot. We have 2 dehumidifiers in our basement to keep mold at bay and it collects soooo much water in the summer. My husband uses that to water the garden.
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  4. 10/06/2017 / 3:52 am

    these are great tips. Composting is also a great way to be eco-friendly and and it’s a great way to fertilize your garden while you’re at it
    Carrie Chance recently posted…Friday Favorites – DandelionMy Profile

  5. 03/08/2017 / 2:06 pm

    These are great tips and definitely a need of the hour. I believe installing solar panels and windmills on roofs will help a great deal and gardening of course who wouldn’t want to grow healthy organic fruits and vegetables in their backyard itself. Thanks for this post!
    Rashmi and Chalukya recently posted…Best London Christmas Markets to Visit this Festive SeasonMy Profile

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