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Birchbox Review - August 2016I’ve been a regular subscriber to a number of different beauty subscription boxes for a while now. But in all honestly I’d started to get a little fed up with them as the same tried and tested products were popping up time and time again. So, I decided to shop around a little and see if any of the subscription boxes I hadn’t tried before looked like something I’d like, And the one that really stood to me was Birchbox.

Birchbox is a monthly subscription box which gives you the chance to try out 5 luxurious treats from both new and well known brands that are currently available here in the UK for just £10.00 per month (plus £2.95 P&P). I thought this offered great value for money, and I just couldn’t resist signing up!

Neoprene Makeup Bag with Yellow Zipper

August’s Birchbox is called ‘Dive In’, and rather than arriving in a box, this months goodies came in a super cool neoprene makeup bag (y’know, the material scuba suits are made of) with a neon coloured zipper. And this month it contained 6 summer beauty essentials, along with an extra special treat for me becoming a subscriber. How cool is that?!

Contents of August 2016 Birchbox

The makeup bag itself is said to be worth £8.00, and you receive one of 4 different coloured ones as part of this months subscription. Each bag contains different products and I was sent the one with a yellow zipper. At first I was a little disappointed as I’d seen a couple of reviews on the pink zippered version, and they looked right up my street. But once I looked inside I realised that I’d probably use the products inside this one a lot more.

So, without further ado let me tell you what I got in this months box (or bag) and what I thought of each product …


All boxes this month included a mini Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in either Mulberry (purple) or Expresso (brown) and as we could choose which one to get I decided to play it safe and go for the brown shade. I like how lovely and creamy a consistency this liner has, and I think the shade is a lot nicer than some of the other browns I have in my collection. It also lasted really well throughout the day, and as I’ve had quite watery eyes recently due to suffering with terrible migraines, I’ve learned that it’s claims of being waterproof are well founded too!

At £10.50 for 1.2g, I think this is a really reasonably priced pencil liner and I can definitely see myself repurchasing the full sized version of this in the near future. I love it!


I’m going to be honest here and say that I’ve received Philip Kingsley’s One More Day Dry Shampoo in other beauty boxes before, so I already knew that I liked this product. I find that it doesn’t leave any nasty white residue in my hair that many of the other dry shampoos on the market do, and I can definitely tell a difference when I apply this to un-washed hair. It absorbs all the excess oils and leaves my hair looking less greasy and feeling a lot more manageable, which is great. The product itself feels really lightweight and it smells so good.

The only problem I have with this product is the price. I mean, the sample size in the box is 50ml, which is perfect for throwing into your school or gym bag. But the full sized version is 200ml and comes in at a whacking £14.50! It’s most definitely not something I’d consider buying as I wouldn’t want to be carrying something of that size round with me all day, and I think there are similar products on the market that cost less and do the same job. Don’t let me put you off though. If you’d rather pay more for hair products like this then I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.


Another product I’ve tried before (and still enjoy using) is Balance Me’s Radiance Face Mask. I won’t go on about this too much, as I wrote a full review of it here, but can I just say that this is one of my all-time favourite skincare products?! I love anything that’s multi-functional, and this product most definitely ticks that box! I apply this to my face once a week, leave it on for 5 minutes, then wash it off with a damp cloth and my skin always looks and feels better for it. It’s a mask designed to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten, and I can assure you that it does just that – I can always see a difference straight away.

This particular mask is quite pricey at £18.00 for just 75ml, but I’ve repurchased it several times over the last 18 months as it works well for me and does exactly what it says on the tube. It’s most definitely one of my favourite Balance Me products.

Anatomicals Smoother Butts Love Coconuts Coconut + Mango Body LotionANATOMICALS SMOOTHER BUTTS LOVE COCONUTS COCONUT + MANGO BODY LOTION

Next up I got Anatomicals Smoother Butts Love Coconuts Coconut and Mango Body Lotion. Wow, that’s a mouthful! I’d never tried anything from Anatomicals before. Mainly because their packaging looks to be targeting a much younger generation of lady than I am. But I was blown away by how lovely this smelt! I can smell both the mango and coconut in equal measure, and I don’t know why but I’m surprised at how well the scents compliment each other. The lotion rubs in really quickly and easily, and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling at all greasy, which is great. The only downside for me was that it didn’t seem to leave my skin feeling all that hydrated, which is a shame as Birchbox promised me truly nourished skin after using this!

I’m happy to report that Anatomicals products are purse-friendly and this particular body lotion comes in at £3.99 for 200ml, which I think is really reasonable. I’m not sure I’d buy the body lotion again, as I like something that gives my skin a little more hydration, but at this price I’d consider trying a few of their other products.


I always get excited when I find Rituals products in beauty boxes as they’re one of my favourite brands. And in this months Birchbox I got my hands on something I’d not tried before – Rituals’ Hammam Body Mud. This product can be used as both an exfoliator and a nourishing body mask, and I’ve tried both ways and think they work just brilliantly. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Rituals fan! The scent of this is just gorgeous – really clean and refreshing. Perfect for early morning baths or showers. I felt the product really brightened up my skin. I loved this and would say it’s my favourite product in the bag. At 2.3 fl oz it’s a very generous sample size as well.

I don’t think it will come as any surprise when I say I’ll most definitely be repurchasing this body mud in full size soon. It’s not that cheap, coming in at £14.00 for 5.0 fl oz, but it works so well that I’m happy to pay that amount for it. I’ll also be checking out some of the other products in the Hammam range!

Yes to ... Coconut Facial WipesYES TO … COCONUT FACIAL WIPES

This month Birchbox subscribers were treated to an extra little treat in the form of a Yes To Coconut Facial Wipe. Now, there was just the one wipe in the packet, so I don’t think it would be fair of me to try and give you a proper review of this product, but it smelt really nice and it did a good job of taking off the light layer of makeup I was wearing the other day. I didn’t feel that it cleansed my skin or anything like that though so I’m not going to rave about it. This is definitely something you need to try yourself to see how you feel about them!

I’m going to be honest here and say that I don’t use facial wipes at all so I definitely wouldn’t repurchase these. And at £3.99 for 25 wipes they seem really expensive. I’ve heard great things about some of the other products in the Yes To range though, so I’d be more inclined to try something else from their coconut collection. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Crayon in Perfect KissMIRENESSE GLOSSY KISS CRAYON IN PERFECT KISS

And finally, because I became a Birchbox subscriber this month, I bagged myself a full sized Mirenesse Glossy Kiss Crayon in the shade Perfect Kiss! I’ve never tried any of their lip products before, so I was excited to try this out. And I found that it’s a beautiful pinky nude shade that compliments my skin tone perfectly. I’ve read a fair few reviews on these before and people always say how long lasting they are. But although I was super impressed with the colour payoff, I didn’t find they lasted any longer than any of my other lip products do. But maybe that’s just to do with my lips? I don’t know! I really like how creamy and pigmented it is though so I can forgive the longevity issue.

Glossy Kiss crayons retail at £17.50 each, and although I probably wouldn’t repurchase them on a regular basis, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick one up now and then for a special occasion as I really liked this one.

Overall I was really impressed with my very first Birchbox, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in their September box next month. Way to go Birchbox!

Birchbox – £10.00 (plus P&P) per month ||link||

Have you ever tried a Birchbox subscription before?
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*Product purchased with my own money


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