Halloweek 2015 – Halloween Costume Ideas for Him

Halloween Costume Ideas for HimIt’s the second day of ‘Halloweek’, and today I thought I’d share some of my favourite Halloween costume ideas for him.

Just like I did yesterday, I’ve picked out 9 costumes that will hopefully give you (or the man in your life) a little inspiration if you’re planning on dressing up for Halloween this year. In previous years I’ve really struggled to find a wide variety of different costumes for men, but this year there seems to be so much more to choose from – it’s made me a happy bunny!!

Read on to find out more …

Cool Ghoul Halloween CostumeCool Ghoul
The first costume I’ve picked out is this ‘Cool Ghoul’ one from Angels Fancy Dress. I can’t decide whether it looks cool or quite scary, but either way I absolutely love it! It comes complete with a long flowing robe with black printed stitching on it, a mask and a length of plastic chain that can be pinned on to the costume however you wish. The robe only comes in one size, but it’s designed to fit most adults up to a 42″ chest. This costume is bound to be a winner at any Halloween bash this year!

Cool Ghoul Costume – £20.99 ||link||

Teen Wolf Halloween CostumeTeen Wolf
For guys looking for a cool Halloween costume this year, have you considered a Teen Wolf outfit? Just stick on your regular jeans and trainers and then add this fabulous yellow vest, American High School letter jacket, hairy gloves and wig and beard set and you’re good to go! I don’t think I’ve ever spied anyone out wearing this particular costume before either so I’m sure it would be one your friends remembered!

Teen Wolf Costume – £40.99 ||link||

Scary Surgeon Halloween CostumeScary Surgeon
I don’t think you can go wrong with this cheap and cheerful(?) Scary Surgeon’s outfit from Wilko’s this Halloween. The costume includes a set of scrubs and mask which are splattered with blood stains and a stethoscope. It’s freakishly bargainous!

Scary Surgeon Costume – £10.00 ||link||

Graveyard Bones Halloween CostumeSkeleton
If you’re looking to ‘stand out’ this Halloween I recommend considering this glow in the dark skeleton costume from Escapade. It consists of a black jumpsuit with hood, gloves and boot covers which have an all-over glow in the dark skeleton print on them. I can imagine it to look really good at a Halloween party, as well as being super comfortable to wear. It gets a big thumbs up from me!

Graveyard Bones Glow in the Dark Costume – £41.99 ||link||

Down for the Count Halloween CostumeDown for the Count
Ok, I know that this costume is a little naughty, but everyone needs a giggle every now and then don’t they? This ‘Down for the Count’ costume (I love the name by the way) is perfect for any guy who has a bit of a cheeky side to him. I’m actually considering buying it for Nathan for our next Halloween Soiree! It comes complete with shirt and waistcoat, bow tie, medallion with ribbon, cape, nude coloured trousers with attached dropped trouser effect and detachable blow up doll with scimpy black lingerie and blonde wig.

Down for the Count Costume – £34.35 ||link||

Mummy Halloween CostumeMummy
When I was little Mummy costumes used to consist of a couple of rolls of white toilet paper or bandages being wrapped around someone and then held together with plasters or tape, which would inevitably fall apart within half an hour. These days though, you can get some awesome Mummy costumes that don’t require any DIY, and my favourite just has to be this one. It includes a hooded top and trousers with a fabric overlay which is designed to look like bandages. There are also some extra ‘bandages’ attached to the costume which can either be wrapped around or left hanging. It also comes with a sinister looking skull-face mask. Absolutely brilliant!

Mummy Costume – £29.99 ||link||

Scream Stalker Halloween CostumeScream Stalker
If you’re a fan of American slasher movies then why not dress up as the popular ‘Ghostface’ character from the film series, Scream? I’m sure that everyone you meet at your party/on your night out will recognize the familiar face and it’s quite an easy one to pull off as well. Bonus! This Scream Stalker costume from Angels Fancy Dress includes a hooded robe with draped sleeves, a ghost face mask and a waist sash. Now tell me – what’s your favourite scary movie?!

Scream Stalker Costume – £27.99 ||link||
Deluxe Black Gloves – £5.99 ||link||
Machette – £3.99 ||link||

Harry Potter Halloween CostumeHarry Potter
For the guys who don’t really want to dress up as anything scary, but still want to make an effort, there’s a wonderful Harry Potter costume available. It comes with a Harry Potter robe lined with deep red material and a printed Gryffindor badge on the chest. Of course, ladies can also wear this costume and dress up as Harriet Potter! Just don’t forget to draw on that all important scar!

Harry Potter Costume – £27.99 ||link||
Harry Potter Wand – £5.99 ||link||
Round Glasses – £2.99 ||link||

Ghost Buster Halloween CostumeGhostbusters
And last but not least I’ve picked out a costume from one of the films I always like to watch around this time of year – Ghostbusters! This particular costume consists of a boiler suit with official Ghostbusters logo on the chest and sleeve, blow up gun and back pack. I think it looks really great on but requires very little ‘dressing up’. I think you’re gonna love it. Altogether now “If there’s something strange … in your neighbourhood … who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS”!

Ghostbusters Costume – £34.99 ||link||

And that brings us to the end of my Halloween Costume Ideas for him – I hope you enjoyed it and that it’s given you some inspiration for dressing up this October 31st.

Do you guys ever dress up for Halloween?
I’d love to hear what sort of costumes you wear if you do!

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  1. 05/10/2015 / 10:47 am

    I laughed out loud at the naughty costume hahaha. That’s great lol! 😡
    I really like the scream costume (I also love American slasher movies) and the ghost buster one! Some fab ideas in this post. xx
    Sarah recently posted…An October Evening.My Profile

    • 05/10/2015 / 10:48 am

      Without the angry face. I have no idea how I did that lol. It was suppose to be a laughing with tears smiley

  2. 05/10/2015 / 8:05 pm

    They’re some pretty cool costumes – not sure I could persuade my other half to wear a full on costume. He did wear a wig one year, that was about as good as it gets! I think the Cool Ghoul would be my favourite though, kind of creepy but simple.

  3. 06/10/2015 / 7:08 am

    Oh I might pass some of those onto.onto my hubby. We are doing a halloween fun day in work the end of October. Me and a colleague are thinking of dressing up as Mario and luigi. Lol
    Janine recently posted…8 Photos of HappinessMy Profile

  4. 07/10/2015 / 8:54 am

    flippin heck I nearly choked at the Down with the Count one!! I took a double take lol! Great selection hun! Kaz x
    Ickle Pickle recently posted…#MyFavouritePostMy Profile

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